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Long ago and far way, [ profile] gryphons_lair arranged for James of the LMB List (AKA the Governor-General) to get a hat. I hosted the mailing list that was used to coordinate the event. After the hat was presented, and pictures were posted, and everything was wrapped up, I sent out a message to the list - 'the list will be shut down in about 30 minutes, after I see that this message has been sent to everyone'. About five minutes after that message went out, I'd deleted [ profile] gryphons_lair, added James, and sent out 'OK, so who's interested in helping James return the favor?'

We spent several years going 'OK, what are we going to give her'. At Convergence this last summer, I saw this sculpture by Butch Honeck - it was a paper-weight / art piece - I looked at it, and asked if he'd be willing to make a door-knocker version of it. He said yes. I sent a picture (see copies of early pictures at to the list, and it was agreed that this was a wonderful idea! [ profile] fairestcat confirmed that there were places to put it, so it was ordered, and I received it about three weeks ago.

Yesterday [ profile] iraunink and I drove over to Stoughton, WI - I'd made prior arrangements with [ profile] gryphons_lair to join her for dinner - the e-mail was, if I do say so myself, a masterpiece of mis-direction. I didn't tell a single untruth - I just didn't tell her that reason we were coming over was to deliver a present to her.

Here we have a very gleeful [ profile] gryphons_lair - the picture links to more (and much bigger!) pictures on my web-site.
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