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Yesterday about 12N I went off and printed Einblatt. I stopped at Uncle Hugo's on the way home, getting home about 12:45-12:50.

About 1:45-2:15, [ profile] iraunink headed out to visit the elder son. She didn't get very far - when she tried to start the car, it went click-click-chunk. I tried, same thing. We found a service station that was open - they sent the tow-truck over, took the car away, and called us back about 45-60 minutes later.

The engine has seized.

So, now we get to figure out what we're going to do about it. The car is a 1995 Chevy Lumina, and is (we believe) in OK shape with two major exceptions. The obvious exception is the engine - the other is the fact that (as I see it) it's going to need a new transmission in the nearish future. (It frequently won't go in to Reverse quickly - a wait of 10-50 seconds, or revving the engine, is required.) So, do we pay for the engine, and try to keep space in the emergency budget for a new transmission, or do we get a new (or at least new to us) car?

The service guy is going to get us quotes on Monday for an engine - one for used, one for new. I wonder if new = rebuilt?

I'm guessing that we're looking at $3000-4000 for the engine and transmission - fortunately not all at once! As information - we got the car free from [ profile] iraunink's sister. They'd bought it brand new, and had put a new transmission in at about 60,000 miles. We got it at about 120,000 miles. It's been getting reasonable to good maintenance, regular oil changes, and hasn't been involved in any major accidents.

Anyone have any insight, opinions, whatever as to what we should do? I'm really hoping to have a functioning vehicle ASAP - busing to work, while possible, is a pain!


Jan. 16th, 2006 09:34 am
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Hey, [ profile] azurelunatic! Did you hear that Augustine Volcano in Cook Inlet let loose?
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According to Twin Cities Gas Prices, there is currently a $.93 spread on the price of regular gas in the Twin Cities! If I toss out the highest entry (which is for full serve), it drops to a $.63 spread. The most expensive self-serve is more the 25% more expensive than the cheapest? I find this difficult to believe.
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Some of you may have seen pointers to a phone number to call to sign a petition to get FEMA to let evacuee's take their pets with them, or to let pet rescue organizations in. I just call the number, and got referred to It's currently over 63,000 signatures.

To insure that all animals are included in the evacuations occurring as a result of the Emergency Order issued on Tuesday, September 6, in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and that those animals are provided adequate supplies and shelter until they are reunited with their owners or adopted.
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While I was watching the Katrina coverage on the Weather Channel for a while this afternoon, they had a computer showing a profile of the height of the land between the Gulf and Lake Pontchartrain. The scary profile that shows New Orleans being seriously below water level. I've been trying to google to find this picture and failing - anyone have any pointers?


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