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Baen Books has this nifty 'buy one, give some to a new customer' policy. If anyone has not gotten anything from Baen eBooks before, and wants free credit, let me know! Your e-mail address has to not be in their database to get a free month. I'll take requests in the order they appear in my home inbox -

The one-time use coupon is worth $9.99 off anything sold on Baen Ebooks, and is good for one year. If you'd like, you can use it as partial payment to buy a monthly bundle. If there's one specific e-book you'd like, you can wait until it is released and use the credit to buy it.

First request gets it. If you don't get it this time, I put you on my request list, and you get first shot as the new months come out.

Here's what's coming up:

May 2019 Monthly Baen Bundle

The Gordian Protocol, by David Weber and Jacob Holo
Noir Fatale, edited by Larry Correia and Kacey Ezell
By Demons Possessed, by P.C. Hodgell
Oath of Gold, by Elizabeth Moon
Though Hell Should Bar the Way, by David Drake
Oblivion, by Steve White and Charles E. Gannon
Coming of Age, Volume 1: Eternal Life, by Thomas T. Thomas

June 2019 Monthly Baen Bundle

To Clear Away the Shadows, by David Drake
At All Costs, by David Weber
A Liaden Universe Constellation, Volume 4, by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller
My Enemy's Enemy, by Robert Buettner
The Year's Best Military and Adventure SF, Volume 5, edited by David Afsharirad
1637: The Volga Rules, by Eric Flint, Paula Goodlett, and Gorg Huff
Expiration Date, by Tim Powers

I voted

Nov. 6th, 2018 08:42 am
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I got to my polling place about ten minutes before it opened, and I estimate there were about 50 people in line already. I got out about fifteen minutes after it opened.
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Now I need to run pick up a new one at my bank today, and get the number updated for 3 Kickstarters that are all succeeding tomorrow! And then all the rest of the places where that number is on file. (IIRC, Amazon & MPR - but I have to go check all my pending Amazon orders and make certain they're updated individually.)
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We are hosting the Minn-StF Meeting today, 4 August 2018.

We're making Vegan Barbecued Beans and build-your-own cold-cut sliders for dinner calories.

There will also be assorted sweets, salty snacks, pop, some assorted Mike's Hard, and some Nordeast beer.
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that he turned down bacon fat in favor of playing with his ball!

For those familiar with my dogs, this is Oreo.
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Let's see:

Friday was the fall Hennepin County Tax Forfeited Land Auction, followed by driving up to Duluth, and starting to move my mother to her new apartment.

Saturday was move continued.

Sunday was visit Dad & Karen, and drive home.

Monday was recover.

At the auction, the lot that we were interested in went for 2.5 times our max bid. We didn't get it, Irene thinks that whoever did get overpaid by $25-30k.

We rented a U-Haul cargo van in Minneapolis, because we knew there was at least a coffee table and window air-conditioner coming back with us, and we didn't have room for that in our car. We made five trips moving Mother's stuff - two on Friday, three on Saturday.

We were moving her from the two-bedroom second-floor walk-up that she'd been in for 35+ years to a one-bedroom in a building with elevators. Luckily, she's been getting rid of stuff for several years now. There was still more furniture than would fit. There were four of us doing the move, me, Irene, mother, and Gary, a friend of mother's. So, it was me & Gary moving all the furniture. One bed (the other one she's getting rid of), two chests of drawers, a couch, three easy chairs, a computer table, a buffet, a small kitchen table, assorted shelves, and miscellaneous small pieces. We also moved a bunch of stuff in boxes or garbage bags.

I have assorted bruises on my arms and legs. Friday evening, my left elbow and lower back were very unhappy with me. Saturday evening, it was my back and right hip.

I discovered that three years of caffeine-free diet have destroyed my immunity to caffeine. I used to be able to drink a half-liter of Mountain Dew right before bed, and have no problems sleeping. I had five glasses of Diet Coke at Perkins for dinner Saturday night, and had the worst insomnia I've had in years! I did get some sleep, almost enough, and between that and three ibuprofen, I was mostly pain free Sunday morning.
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We got our first trick-or-treater about 6:15pm. We passed out our last candy bar about 9:15.

In three hours, we passed out 56 full size candy bars (for suitably wide definitions thereof). Snickers, Milky Way, Twix, M&Ms & Peanut M&Ms.

I'm not certain, but I think we may have had some double-dippers.
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He stopped eating overnight Friday / Saturday. He ate over half his dinner Friday, and has been pretty much ignoring any food since then. We put scrambled egg - a real delicacy! - in his mouth on Saturday, and he just let it fall on the floor and ignored then. Since then, any food we put in front of him might get sniffed at, and then he turns his head away.

I'll be calling the vet as soon as possible after they open at 7:30am, and seeing when we can get him in.
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It's not Addison's. It's third-degree {something something} - I think the second word was arrhythmia?

Basically, his nerves are not communicating well enough with his heart to tell it to fire.

The treatment is a pacemaker. That's not in the cards. The veterinary cardiologist gives him maybe a month left to live.
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So, the plan was:

  1. Drop off Ziggy at the vet to get his teeth cleaned

  2. Pick up [ profile] arkuat

  3. Go to work

  4. Leave work early to get a filling replaced

  5. Pick up Ziggy at the vet

1 & 2 went according to plan. 3? Not so much. About half-way to work the car started having power problems - in neutral, the engine would rev just fine, in gear, sometimes there was no power to the wheels. I pulled off to the side of the freeway about three-quarters of the way to work, turned off the car, and opened the hood. Nothing obviously wrong, all the fluids were good. Tried to start the car, and it went tick-tick-tick-tick very rapidly - and didn't start. And then the power windows failed. And then the four-way flashers failed!

[ profile] arkuat called in to work - one of our colleagues came and got him.

I called my mechanic, and got the phone number for their favorite towing company. Called the towing company, got my car taken to my mechanic. Got a loaner car - I was still going to have to get to the dentist!

Got home, got my work computer plugged in, did some work from home.

About 11:30, I got a phone call from the vet. Ziggy's resting heart rate was 36 - normal would be 70-120. They'd gotten him to do some exercise, to try to get it up - normal then would be up to 130. It stayed at 36. Had we noticed any change in behavior - more tired, lack of appetite, seizures? Nope. Teeth cleaning was canceled - they didn't want to put him under anesthesia with such a slow heart rate! They suspect it might be something called Addison's, which is a low cortisol level. They took blood for tests, we should hear back on that tomorrow. If it's not that, we get to go to a doggy cardiologist. I went and picked him up about 12:15pm.

As of 2:30, the car wasn't fixed, so I took the loaner off to the dentist.

Where I discovered that the appointment I had made last week for half-hour slot at 3pm today wasn't on the books.

They got me set up for a 4pm appointment with one of the other dentists. They actually called me in at 3:51, and were done with me by 4:03.

Then it was off to the mechanic. The car was done - the alternator had died. They had just replaced the alternator last November. They get their alternators from a company that just does alternators, and their experience was that said company had a very high reliability. The new alternator was free - we just had to pay for the tow.

Then I came home and cooked up CSA veggies for dinner. Now we need to take out garbage and recycling, and then I'll get to call it a night.

It was one of those days where the choices were laugh, cry, or curse the universe. I ended up laughing.
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|I'm trying to find a story I read a while back. My memory is that it was on the web somewhere.

It was the story of the new UN Secretary General, and how she (I think?) coped with the super villain / mad scientists claiming they were going to destroy the world. There were two villains in the story - one that she coped with, and another merely mentioned at the very end. She pointed out to the first one that 'this isn't science - where's your control group?', and convinced him to start a colony on Mars for the control group.

The implication was that she was going to convince all the super villain / mad scientists to fund/create something that the UN was trying to make happen, but didn't have the money for.

My GoogleFu is failing trying to find it. :-( Anyone recognize it, and have a pointer / title / author?
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Is there anyone who's still reading me who is on Dreamwidth and I haven't followed you there yet?
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Happy Birthday [ profile] martian687
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Happy Birthday [ profile] fairestcat
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Happy Birthday [ profile] meerkat1
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Happy Birthday [ profile] kalikanzara & [ profile] kjinmn
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Well, not really - he told me I could move to Denver to get away from my most significant allergy.

Did you know there are no dust mites in Denver? That's what my allergist claims - he said the partial pressure of 02 above 5000 feet was insufficient for them to live.

He reports that I showed no significant allergy to cats.

He reports that I'm not allergic to ragweed, but to another common fall weed (that I'll have to get [ profile] iraunink to point out to me sometime).

The state of the art has improved enough in 30+ years to tell me more about my food allergy. There's a close link between various tree pollen allergies and allergies to various fresh fruits and vegetables.
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This is the one in Bloomington, MN. See

Who's going? [ profile] iraunink and I will be commuting. I know Sharon Lee & Steve Miller will be there. Who else?
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Happy Birthday [ profile] growlycub


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