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This is, in some ways, a follow-up to my post Tuesday asking about sources for bulk wasabi peas or other dried veggies.

We found some )

The incentive here is to get me more healthy snacks, and more fruits & vegetables in my diet. Given my allergy to most fresh fruits & vegetables, I need something at least minimally processed. Dried fruits are ... less than optimal for diabetics. All of these should help.

Chore day

Oct. 26th, 2013 07:56 pm
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Today I got four loads of laundry done and cooked dinner - tabbouleh and roasted root veggies.

The tabbouleh used up the parsley and mint from the back yard, I used quinoa for the grain. I got carrots, turnips, and beets at the farmer's market yesterday - combined those with some onions we had on hand, cubed it all, tossed with olive oil, salt, pepper, and cumin, tossed in the oven at 450F for about 45 minutes (or was it an hour? whatever) - together, they made a good dinner, and we have enough leftovers for a couple of meals.
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The flight in was fine. I'm going to have to learn to try take somewhat earlier flights when going west - landing at 10pm my time is a bit much.

Monday night I got together with [ profile] alicebentley, we each had the chirashi at Fuji Sushi.

Last night I got done at work promptly at 5pm, so I walked down to Pike's Place Market. Most of the stalls were still open, but obviously in the process of closing up. I can see how it could be a madhouse in the morning, especially on weekends. I also investigated the under shops - it's an interesting collection. Then I came back, and had dinner at Thai Taste across from the hotel. Three appetizers - Chicken Satay, Thai Fish Cakes, and a sampler of two Crab Rangoon, three pot-stickers, and three spring rolls (the thin fried kind, not the thick mostly raw kind).

Tonight I'm getting together with Jordin and [ profile] marykaykare - I'm going to put myself at their mercy for dinner.

Now I have to be at work by 7am for conference call, and then training from 8-12.
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Saturday we had lunch at the Goda Cafe - I'd seen an article about them some time ago claiming that they served goat, which I knew [ profile] iraunink would be interested in. She was. About six weeks ago I got one of those restaurant deals - $10 got me $25 off of a $35 minimum bill. I picked it up - we finally made it there.

$35 is way too much for two people there! We might have hit $35 with two appetizers, two dinner entrees, and two desserts - but I doubt. As it was, we had one appetizer, one entree, and one sandwich, and it was plenty of food! All that and two cans of pop was $21 exactly. Oh, you get a bowl of soup as part of your meal - before you order, even! Everything except the starches was somewhat spicy - call it a 3 or 4 on a 1-10 scale, where 10 was a Sri Lanka Curry House medium. We'll be going back sometime with one or two people, to actually use the coupon.

After that, we went chair shopping. CB2, Slumberland Outlet, Borofka's (where Wickes used to be by Southdale), Gabberts, Slumberland, HOM Furniture, and Ikea. Our favorite was the Palmona Swivel Chair, to be had at Slumberland and HOM. Unfortunately, the fabric on the floor sample was ... not to our taste. But one of the available fabrics at Slumberland made us both go "ooh, I want that!". We're unlikely to pull the trigger for 3-4 months, maybe longer, but that's our current chair to beat (at not quite $500 each - we want two).

If anyone is garage-saling in one of the higher class neighborhoods, and sees something like it - doesn't have to swivel, or else an armless chair, let us know? We're looking for something side/accent chair sized - i.e., on the smaller side.

Sunday I did laundry, we didn't get much else accomplished - Irene had a dead day.

Tonight I made sauteed bell peppers and onions to go with brats. We'll do that again sometime.
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Did I mention going to [ profile] papersky's signing at Uncle Hugo's on Sunday? I had a delightful time at it and the meal at the Java Restaurant afterwards (let's see - attended by me, [ profile] papersky, Z (who's LJ handle I've forgotten), [ profile] iraunink, [ profile] naomikritzer, [ profile] carbonel, [ profile] arkuat, [ profile] lydy, [ profile] dd_b, and [ profile] pameladean - I would have sworn there were eleven of us, but I can't think of who the eleventh person was).

Have I mentioned I really like my doctor? )

Wednesday was the weekly Spirit of the Century gaming - Don, Steve W, Dave M (WANOLJ that I know of) and me - we were missing Martin. We were headed into the Amazon jungle, near what is now the border between Colombia and Brazil. We have encountered the Un-Aging Golden Emperor of Rome. This could get interesting.

Thursday was dinner with Don - no Margo, she wasn't feeling well. We cooked an 11 pound bone-in ham.

Friday was dinner with [personal profile] kalmn and her SO (does he have an LJ/DW account?). That was pasta with red sauce, diced ham (left-overs) and green beans, and they brought garlic bread and dessert. Good dinner.

Today was grocery shopping, laundry, and assorted kitchen clean-up. Shopping included Penzey's - we got a free bottle of Cinnamon Sugar, Mural of Flavor, Sunny Paris, Chinese Five-Spice Powder, Bouquet Garni and Italian Herb Mix. Tonight is supposed to be starting caramelized onions in the crock-pot, and Sunday I'm making French Market Soup in the crockpot with the left over ham bone.
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Monday I agreed to temporarily work the graveyard shift. This is Tuesday through Saturday, 10pm to 8:30am, except Wednesday I start at 12:00am Thursday. This is until he gets more head-count, so he can hire people who want a graveyard shift. This could be anywhere between a couple of weeks, and around late May.

I'll have to get a new watch - I'll need one has day-of-the-week on it. I know this from past experience - graveyard shift rapidly destroys all my sense of what day it is, and it will take me years to recover - it took somewhere between 10 and 15 years last time.

Wednesday was gaming - we rescued a bunch of IB's, but not all of them, and two of the three big bad guys got away. Along with a number of their nefarious experiments.

Thursday we went to Thanksgiving at Don & Margo's (WANOLJ). Also in attendance were [ profile] fmsv, [ profile] cowfan, [ profile] jolest, Jeanne, Gin, Julie, and Deanna (WAANOLJ).

Friday we made Turkey with 4+ Heads of Garlic. A 13 lb. bird, put about 2/3rds of the garlic inside and the rest outside, rubbed down with olive oil, sprinkled with thyme, kosher salt, and fresh-ground black pepper. Baked until it was falling-off-the-bones. We ate 2/3rds of a baguette, cut in about 1/4" slices, liberally smeared with the roasted garlic; and the drumsticks and thighs. The rest went into the refrigerator or freezer to be left-over turkey or stock-starter.

Then we went to [ profile] ambartil's birthday party, where much fun was had by all. (Hey, [ profile] ambartil - you promised to update your bio!)
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I got home from work, and [ profile] iraunink and I went off to our polling place and voted. ([ profile] naomikritzer - thanks for the wonderful write-ups!)

Then we came home, and I made lamb chops with Maiden Rock Apples Grandaddy's Apple 2-Pepper Chutney. It was really good!

I should try and make it an early-to-bed night - I had some insomnia last night, and will be up late tomorrow night.
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I just did a side-by-side taste test - Keebler Fudge Shoppe Coconut Dreams are a pretty good Samoa knock-off.
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1 - Working on getting printing fixed on the server. After that comes web-mail, then comes mailing list archives

2 - The car just got a new catalytic converter. Do you know what happens when your catalytic converter gets plugged? It's not nice - the symptoms are very similar to being low on transmission fluid, or having a dying transmission.

3 - Gevalia sells very nice coffee, thank you. (For some reason I'm doing coffee for my daily beverage today.)

(insert 45 minute pause)

4 - I just had a phone interview with a head-hunter. Hmm, this could get interesting. The position would probably require a pay-cut, but it would be with a ~400 employee company, largest in its industry and growing. And the position would be much more of a generalist position.

5 - I've got one to two hundred day-lily seeds I'm going to try to plant next year.

6 - I was just reminded that I'm about to get Minn-StF new laser-printer delivered today. Oops! Hmm - need to go do some work on that.
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I won four tickets to Wine+Dine by Design, a night of South African wines and appetizers at International Market Square. [ profile] iraunink & I used two of the tickets, [ profile] sevenmpls & Dorf used the other two. We all had fun, Dorf won a bottle of wine. [ profile] iraunink & I would be more than willing to do it again! Tickets would have been $25/couple, with the proceeds going to benefit Spare Key.

The Menu )

Dinner Out

May. 13th, 2009 06:42 pm
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We went out for dinner tonight - counting a ~$3.25 tip, the total bill was $18.20.

First we went to Arby's - they're doing Wednesday specials all summer, today's was 'Get a free Roastburger with any soft-drink purchase'. Two Roastburgers, two small soft-drinks - total $3.20.

Then we went to Baker's Square - they're having 'free pie with any purchase' on Wednesday's since last October / November. Today we had two soft-drinks, a side salad, a bowl of soup, and two slices of their Hawaiian Strawberry pie. Total bill with tip - $15.00.

It was a very good dinner!
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Inhalable Chocolate -

1 calorie per puff
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Started by [ profile] azurelunatic here

The Rules )
I'm actually going to list two recipes )
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The New York Times website has a recipe for Wild Rice and Quinoa Breakfast Stuffing. (courtesy of [ profile] lsanderson

It calls for fennel. Every description I've ever seen of fennel says its taste is reminiscent of anise/licorice. For me, this is a gag-worthy taste. What would you suggest doing about the fennel? Leave it out? Replace it with something else? If so, what?

FWIW, this is not a recipe I'd use for a breakfast dish - I'd be more likely to make it for a starch side to go with dinner, or maybe dinner main dish!

ETA: I have been reminded that fennel seed does not taste of anise/licorice - which, with said prompting, causes me to bring to mind the taste of fennel seed in Italian sausage, and, yes, it is an acceptable spice.
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Valentine's Day was a weekend day for me. We got out of the house about 1:30pm to run errands.

Drop off Naomi's Birthday Present
Drop off stuff at [ profile] bernesemntdog & [ profile] kosmickitten's, visit with Baby Irene
Liquor Store
Cub Foods
JoAnn Fabrics
Hancock Fabrics

We got dinner at CostCo & Byerly's - assorted shrimp appetizers, lobster bisque & Beef Wellington at CostCo, individual-sized raspberry cheesecake & creme brulee at Byerly's. It was a really good dinner!

We also got a new rice cooker, [ profile] iraunink got some fabric, alcoholic contributions for the Minn-StF Pool Party, and some everyday groceries.

It was a nice day!
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For those of you who are local (Twin Cities, MN) and not reading [ profile] pegkerr's LJ, her daughter Delia is selling Girl Scout cookies. The troop is trying to raise money for a trip to Washington, DC. Orders accepted there through 12N on 4 Feb.
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According to, Cargill should be able to start selling Truvia, their Stevia derivative, as soon as they want to.

The two big bits I took away from this were "No further approval is required." and "Among the food companies considering its use is Coca-Cola, which collaborated with Cargill over the past three years to develop the product.".

Cargill's new no-calorie sweetener gets a nod )
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I was on vacation last week - so why am I writing it up on the Friday of my work-week after the vacation?

gaming, parties, road trip, and boring stuff )
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Hey, [ profile] kalmn - [ profile] patgund posted about this article, and I immediately thought of you!

A night in hog heaven with the Bacon Club

Which reminds me - is there going to be another bacon?


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