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Oct. 20th, 2017 12:59 am
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asked M to come down
while I started breakfast
and there were no plates
so I started dishes
and went back to making breakfast
when needed adding chopped spinach and chopped tomato
and got the dishes done.
dragged up the back carpet and put it on the front porch
and used the dishwater to wash it
and rinsed it.. hung it on the dogs fence to dry.

mike started fussing with the front door screen
and he found the bottom was torn,
so I said why don't you replace it.
and cleared off the table on the porch
and said your brother's toolbox has the screen tool
so he went looking for it and i got the screen roll.
he started in on it and when he started to be frustrated
was able say that's going well
how'd you learn that
it was in the directions.
directions? hehe they were so good he tossed them.
the tool was great.
I'd done them with out the roller
and it was a hundred times harder.

we got the first one almost done
with him doing most of the work
and I got the other one that needed repair
oh no! Can't do that! yes we can!
and we started, in one way it was harder with added bits
but it went smoother once we figured out
which way to aim the roller.

I now have a bunch of aluminium screen to experiment with
it will be good for holes in pots too.

we brought the trestle and loom over
susan was there-showing her friend around?
it seemed suspicious. why was she there?
think it was an I told you it was this bad tour.
I cleaned up the kitchen a bit and the dining table
where mom did her potting.
emptied the kitchen garbage.

then when Mike tried helping mom walk,
she did poorly think her lack of stretches and
range of motion is showing in her lack of coordination.

I started sweeping off the deck
dad was supposed to do it this spring.
mom was the gardener-maintenence so that's gone.
it was amazing how much dirt there was
and I ended up shoveling and raking.
put the broken things in a bag and gathered
up the moldy rugs to go into the garbage too.
weeded the stairs austin and I made.

the deck will probably need replacing soon
they have plastic menards rugs going across to the door
and the boards have rotted from it- we left the rugs off
hoping they will dry a bit.
the plastic lumber would be better than wood back there.

tomorrow we will put the big pile of needles and stuff
in a wheel barrow behind the lawn tractor
and go put it in the compost.
found out dad had trashed both of their wheel barrows.
the carcasses are probably back by the quansit hut.

we went to walmart for buns and 1/2&1/2
and I looked at the halloween stuff
not much I wanted to buy there.
lost him for a bit and told the person up front
I was there for the husband exchange but
I didn't see anyone I'd like any better
& went back to find him near the fabrics.

the cashiers have been cut back drastically
they have 2 corrals of do it you self check outs now.

mike made juicy lucy's for the first time.yum.


had the binnies all on the cat perch
so snorrie got up and sat in them
he started in on playing and i saved the bunnies instead of taking picture.

Values Voters

Oct. 20th, 2017 12:48 am
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William Saletan has a hilarious and scathing piece in Slate about values voters sucking up to the spiteful buffoon in the White House. Selling their birthright for a mess of assurances that the Pussy Grabber in Chief is on their side in the supposed War Against Christmas is a phrase that comes to mind.

I do not mean to suggest that this description applies to all conservative Christians. Michael Gerson is a man with whom I have not always agreed, but his columns in the Washington Post have shown that he sees through Trump, and is not pleased with the values voters who seem to value access to the seat of power more than justice or mercy. Or even reliable sanity and a willingness to study the facts and make decisions on the basis of reality.
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So I'm gonna talk about some books I'm reading. I finally got around to reading the downloaded sample I had of Clean Sweep by Ilona Andrews. I can't remember if somebody had recommended it or if I saw a post about it somewhere. I enjoyed it a lot and the second book was better and the third book was even better. OMG Helen and the platter of bacon... They were a lot of fun. Not super heavy reading, but I liked it a lot.

Seriously, I recommend.

So then I finished the three, and was right back to my perpetual problem of "I've finished what I was reading, now what?" Something new? Reread? Well, this author has other books - so I checked out the first of what seems to be her primary series, Magic Bites. (And when I say "she", yes I know it's actually a husband-wife team, but that pronoun goes with that name, so there.)


I'm a little bit less sure about that book. It does come across as earlier in her writing career. And it didn't make me laugh. But it did start to grow on me. I do feel that it is a heckuva parallel to the Toby Daye books. Loner woman in a world dealing with both magic and tech, working odd jobs for the mercs despite having been raised to work with noble types that she ran away from because she has authority issues. There are some mysteries about her bloodline. Smart alecky and prone to getting hurt a lot. Interacts with the attractive but scary head of the local shapeshifters - yeah, I'm pretty sure Curran is the Tybalt of this series. And Derek is a Quentin/Raj analogue. And I'm watching her start to pull a group of proteges and allies around her, while still insisting she's totally a loner type.

So far, I'm still going "well, maybe I like this series", but I have gone ahead and bought the second book and am well into it. I suspect this is going to be the type of thing where somewhere along the way I go from "well, maybe" to having read a dozen of them and various of the side stories and then I'm signing up to preorder the next one.

Minneapolis Park Board, District 1

Oct. 20th, 2017 03:13 am
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When I hear about a local election that’s a DFLer vs. a Green, there are certain assumptions I make. Like, I tend to expect that the Green will be to the left of the Democrat, at least on environmental issues. I don’t, as a general rule, expect the Green to be the defender of the status quo. If these are assumptions you, too, tend to bring to elections, and you live in District 1, boy do I ever have a surprise for you this year!

On the ballot:

Chris Meyer
Mohamed Issa Barre
Billy Menz

Mohamed Issa Barre does not really seem to be running — no website that I could find, he’s not filling out questionnaires, etc. He’s a photographer, and I found a MN Daily article and a Northeaster article that covered him.

Chris Meyer is the DFLer; Billy Menz is the Green. (They’re both endorsed by their respective parties.)

Chris Meyer is advocating for urban agriculture, solar power in the parks (and electric vehicles), defending the park workers, and a a ban on glyphosate. He’s car-free (he’s never learned to drive) and really evangelical about biking. One of his big ideas is a program to provide poor kids with bikes and bike-riding lessons to get them in the habit of riding.

Billy Menz wants high-quality youth sports, more collaboration with the local schools, and a better recycling program in the parks. He and his wife used to be a one-car family, but couldn’t manage it after they had kids.

I mean, it’s not like the Green is saying, “build more parking lots and get rid of bike lanes” or anything, but the DFLer’s environmental goals are a lot more detailed and ambitious! This is not what I was expecting.

Possibly given that the Democrat is to the left of the Green, and has a significantly more ambitious environmental program, the Green is backed by the displaced Park Board member Liz Wielinski (she didn’t get the endorsement at the City Convention and dropped out) along with a bunch of other recently-displaced Park Board folks. (Plus all the Greens, as you’d expect.)

Menz is a math specialist at a Minneapolis elementary school. Meyer works for political activist organizations and it’s totally not clear to me what he actually does. His “About” page says, “I now work on election and advocacy campaigns for a living, fighting for progressive causes at organizations such as Working America, AFSCME, Clean Water Action, Democracy For America, and numerous candidate campaigns” and his “Issues” page mentions that he’s a “field manager” for Working America. I’m sort of assuming that he’s not one of those people that goes around knocking on doors asking for money because very few people do that for more than about a summer. His LinkedIn page is super basic and calls him a “Political Organization Professional.” (I can tell you that I checked the “Our Team” page for Mothership Strategies and didn’t find him on it.)

(Something I noticed this year: many political candidates re-did their LinkedIn page with an eye toward providing additional information for those looking for it. That is a terrific idea and I found a lot of useful information on people’s LinkedIn pages. Not so much in this race: Chris Meyer barely has a page, and Billy Menz’s page mostly just lists his teaching jobs plus he wrote a recommendation for a guy who’s been providing coaching and organization on his campaign.)

Overall: I am impressed by Chris Meyer’s endorsements, which include Lisa Bender, Ilhan Omar, and Karen Clark; I also like his ideas for bike programs for kids. I would list Chris Meyer as my #1 for Park Board District 1.


Today's ambiguity

Oct. 19th, 2017 10:47 pm
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"Resent" is both how one might feel about being told an email never arrived and also what one might do in response.


Oct. 19th, 2017 10:47 pm
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The month was only half over last weekend. How can it be almost three quarters over only a week later?

What are brains?

Oct. 19th, 2017 10:06 pm
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What is sleep?


Bank put a hold on my debit card because it didn't like me sending a present to someone in the UK, and didn't call me about it when I did it, but noooo, at EIGHT IN THE MORNING. (Did I mention that I haven't gotten to bed before 4 in the morning for... I don't know how long now?) I told them that really, I did want to do that, but I dunno if the thing will go through after all. *headdesk*

Spouse had Root Canal Part 1 today. Next week, Part 2. Then after that, Return of the Crown.

Finished That Edit Thing. Did a quickie for someone else on a first-chapter. (But their process is bogged down by going back to rewrite, so it's "put this in the file and don't look back! Run, run! Write like the wind! O;> ) Need to go read other things, too. Maybe in the hotel, I can get some writing done? Grind, grind, grind? Let's hope it's a comfy hotel.

It's YET ANOTHER hotel, as it happens. Not the awesome 2-room + bathroom apartment suite, with kitchenette, nor the second one which was... well, it was a hotel room and I didn't overheat (though I was kinda chilled) underneath the AC unit that spilled frigid air upon me. (Also, that part of the hotel is easily 25+ years old. I'm not too surprised the floor was uneven in spots.) But where was I? Ah, yes. Yet another one. I suspect it's the one-room-two-beds-one-desk arrangement. The one with kitchenettes was full.

It probably has a pool. I should pack a swimsuit. >_>

Or maybe I should just try to write. I need to figure out how someone is gonna spin a suggestion...

Or if I don't do CLB, I should try to get into the right frame of mind to get to a particular scene in DragonSmut(notmuchsmutyet) which has a turn of phrase that should be kind of hawt. *headdesks about this bit of fic that was supposed to be fluffy erotica and developed a plot* Never let the erotica develop a plot. PWP with a plot is direly uneven, it feels. BUT OH WELL, LET'S FINISH IT SOMEDAY.

...cross fingers for me, please.

Havva Quote
[AO3-3704] - If a work was styled with a work skin, and a co-creator edited that work later, the skin would be stripped off (...gruesome), requiring another edit by the first creator to tack it back on. Now the work skin stays where it should be at all times.

INwatch+Bookwatch )
Dragons under fold )

New Soulcollage cards

Oct. 19th, 2017 07:58 pm
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I have been at a bit of a loss because my photos are hosted over at LiveJournal, but I don't want to upload photos there anymore. Haven't quite learned the ropes here, but here goes. Anyway, made these a bit ago, but just posting them now.

Grandparent - Council Suit
I am the One who rejoices in the company of the child of my own child. I am a mentor and a teacher, a parental figure and a friend all in one. Spending time with my grandchild reintroduces me to joys which may have slipped from my own life. Our bond tightens the generations together.

I am the One who rejoices in the company of the child of my own child. I am a mentor and a teacher, a parental figure and a friend all in one. Spending time with my grandchild reintroduces me to joys which may have slipped from my own life. Our bond tightens the generations together.

Fear - Committee/Council Suit
I am the One who freezes in primal terror, trapped between the horror ahead and the threat behind.

I am the One who freezes in primal terror, trapped between the horror ahead and the threat behind.

This one is a lot about the truly difficult times I was having when I was unemployed and Rob was failing. I really don't want to go back to this mental state.

The Magical Child - Council Suit
I am the One whose holy, mystical innocence will save the world.

I am the One whose holy, mystical innocence will save the world.

The Mythopoeic Reader - Committee/Fairytale Suit
I am the One who delights in reading stories of adventure in fantastic imaginary worlds.

I am the One who delights in reading stories of adventure in fantastic imaginary worlds.
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Czech Republic Parliamentary Elections 2017

Date: October 20, 2017

Over the next two days, the typical daily routine of Czech citizens will be interrupted for a very important reason: today and tomorrow, citizens go to the polls to elect a new government. Soon after, the country will have elected a new Chamber of Deputies – a 200-seat house – as well as a new Prime Minister.  Over the next four years, the Prime Minister and members of Parliament will work together, shaping the future of the Czech Republic.

Today’s Doodle celebrates the tradition of civic engagement. Happy voting!

Location: Czechia

Tags: Current Event, Elections, Voting

Otfried Preußler's 94th Birthday

Oct. 19th, 2017 11:58 pm
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Otfried Preußler's 94th Birthday

Date: October 20, 2017

Otfried Preussler knew all about magic.

Every day, he walked several kilometers to and from his job as a primary school teacher. While others might take this time to consider their schedules, or their grocery lists, or even their troubles, Otfried instead dreamed up stories.

The basis for many were the spoken folktales of his youth. Germany, he knew, was flush with the fantastic, especially when it came to magical beings. The stories are universal, and as a result, Otfried Preussler’s books have been translated into 55 languages and sold 50 million copies worldwide.

Otfried’s stories were quick to spread once they escaped his imagination and appeared in print. It wasn’t long before most German children (and their parents) were giggling over Kasperl and Seppel spoiling the Robber Hotzenplotz’s plans – or the adventures of the little witch, ghost, and water sprite.

Otfried knew that being “good” is sometimes hard to figure out, for human children and little witches alike. Adults sometimes get it wrong, too. He felt that what’s important is that you try to be kind and brave, and – if you’re a water sprite – don’t ever let your feet dry out.

The author would be 94 today – still far too young to attend the annual witches party, according to The Little Witch. In his honor, Frankfurt-based illustrator Jan Buchczik created a Doodle for all the bold little witches, ghosts, and water sprites of the world. But not you, Robber Hotzenplotz – you should take a page from the Little Witch’s book and try doing only good deeds from now on!

Here are some early concept sketches and in-process drafts of the Doodle being developed:

Preussler Doodle — early draft


Preußler Doodle – early draft

Preussler Doodle – early draft


Preussler Doodle — early draft

Location: Germany

Tags: Birthday, Guest Artist, Literature, Animation

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Kat: The big thing people talk about in Blade Runner is whether or not Harrison Ford, Deckard, is a replicant this whole time because it’s discovered in the film that some replicants can be programmed to have memories and not realize that they are replicants, so everyone’s like oh is Deckard a replicant? And I think the movie works less if he is one.

Jocelyn: For sure, I agree.

Kat: Because the whole movie is about how you can tell who is a replicant because they don’t have enough empathy, whereas Deckard has no empathy for these replicants and it takes this whole film for him to realize that their experiences are just as valuable, if not more so, than his because of their diminished lifespan and he has to learn to have empathy for them. And if it turns out he’s a replicant this whole time then what is that journey even for?

Jocelyn: Yes, that’s exactly it. If the entire film’s message is exploring what it means to be human and then the message at the end is, “It doesn’t matter because I’m a robot too”, well then that’s nothing.

- The Hosts of I Hate It But I Love It on Whether Deckard is a Replicant in Blade Runner

Listen to more episodes here or on iTunes.

Plugin Problems

Oct. 19th, 2017 07:06 pm
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My Journalpress plugin is no longer posting things to Dreamwidth. I've seen reports that this is due to a change Dreamwidth made in their site security or configuration, but I'm not sure.

I'll be looking for solutions, but in the meantime, you can always find everything on the website at http://www.jimchines.com/blog/


Oct. 19th, 2017 11:01 pm
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This is what the “dive experience” looked like, in the human direction. Everyone was under water with forced air going into the weighted helmets. The air was balanced for buoyancy. The net effect was that people who might have trouble walking or breathing were able to go underwater in ways that may not have been possible before. However, people who are sensitive to pressure making ears pop and such should probably avoid it.

Once underwater, you held onto handrails and walked on the prescribed path. Mostly, it was seeing fish. A side effect of the helmet is that you couldn’t really move your head up and down, which made getting the right angles on photos nearly impossible. So, I don’t recommend it for the photography aspects. Still, it was an interesting experience.

The most interesting thing for me was the moment I walked down the ladder and saw the water close over my head. As soon as that happened, something in my brain went “This is **wrong**, get out now!” It’s weird to be 40 years old and encounter a new instinct. I used logical brain to push that aside and did it anyway and I was fine. However, in that moment I suddenly understood the stories of people suddenly and unexpectedly panicking. Had I not been prepared for that feeling, I could see the instinct overriding the logical brain very easily.

It was interesting.

Originally posted at stories.starmind.org.

On My Way to OVFF

Oct. 19th, 2017 05:40 pm
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Tomorrow. Today, I am at Wrigley Field for NLCS Game 5.

Tis The Season to be Spooky

Oct. 19th, 2017 02:01 pm
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Jess Faux!

Hello again friends! Jonathan and Emily have let me take over as your Halloween “Master of Scaremonies” for the rest of the month! Get ready to set your dial to spoopy as we count up to the best holiday of the entire year!

I’m of course talking about November 1st! The day when we all go out and buy Halloween decorations on clearance to use as everyday house decor the rest of the year!

- \_/ -

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There are nine candidates; you get to vote for three, ranked, and your vote is allocated in this very complicated way that FairVote MN can explain to you. The important thing to know is that even though we have three slots and three candidates, ranking matters, and you should definitely put your favorites in your order of favorite-ness.

On the ballot:

Bob Sullentrop
Jonathan Honerbrink
Russ Henry
Mike Derus
Latrisha Vetaw
Meg Forney
Charlie Casserly
Londel French
Devin Hogan

I’m going to split these up and start with the people I see no reason to vote for:

Bob Sullentrop

Bob Sullentrop is an endorsed Republican. He has at least some relevant experience (he’s an engineer who worked for the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency) but his platform for the parks emphasizes spending less money and includes stuff like, “Some new facilities that I favor would be more dog parks. If elected, though, I wouldn’t actually support more dog parks until I studied the issue more thoroughly in order to determine if there is an actual need for more dog parks, or just the perception that more are needed.” He filled out the Pollen questionnaire and said his #1 issue was the golf course.  Asked about childcare in the parks, he said, “Parks are not daycare centers.” (FTR: they very much are. Last I checked, the after-school care run out of the rec centers was the cheapest after-school option in town.) He’s also one of those Republicans who ran for office but literally knows almost nothing about the job they want to do (half his answers are, “I don’t know anything about that.”) Anyway, I am not impressed.

Jonathan Honerbrink

He has an incoherent, ungrammatical website that mostly boils down to “save the golf course.” Not impressed.

Charlie Casserly

Charlie is another “save the golf course” candidate. He thinks the flooding problems are caused by not dredging Lake Hiawatha (the Park Board is adamant that dredging the lake would not fix this). Hilariously, he’s endorsed by Southside Pride. (This is hilarious because it’s a generally very-left-leaning paper and I do not think golf courses are usually popular with the left. I guess the editor likes to golf.) Also the Police Federation. He doesn’t appear to have any positions on other issues facing the parks.


People I’d consider voting for, but have a lot of hesitation about:

Mike Derus

Mike Derus is on the “save the golf course” team, but he has a few things to say about other priorities, as well; he talks about financial stewardship and riverfront redevelopment. My main hesitation about him comes from his endorsements list, which includes both the Police Federation and Bob Kroll specifically; Mark Stenglein; Mark Andrew; Steve Minn; and Jackie Cherryhomes. He’s backed by a whole lot of people I distrust or dislike. That’s a good enough reason not to vote for him.

Meg Forney (Incumbent)

Meg Forney is an incumbent, finishing her first year in an At-Large seat, but four years ago, I groused that she hadn’t updated her website since 2009 even to say that she was running for an At-Large seat instead of the District 6 seat. I’m not sure if she held the District 6 seat?

She had pledged to drop out of the race if she didn’t get DFL endorsement, then did not do so. I’m undecided about how much I care. (It depends in part on how big a deal she made about it.) She said she got back in because there were so few women among the endorsed candidates. (Minn Post said she had joined a coalition with a bunch of other unendorsed candidates. However (a) I found no web page or other info about this coalition and (b) one of these candidates, Musich, is DFL-endorsed, making the whole thing extra confusing to me. Also, Musich is female and Devin Hogan is nonbinary, but Forney is right that this is looking like it’s going to be a super male-dominated board. The current board is made up of 5 women and 4 men. It’s also entirely white, which I’m not sure Meg has ever taken issue with.)

She’s endorsed Tom Hoch:

(I wish there were some central location where I could see exactly who everyone had endorsed and was endorsed by.)

Her web page kind of makes it look like she has endorsements from Take Action MN, the Sierra Club, Our Streets, etc., because she has their logos right next to a big banner saying “Get On Board: Support Meg Forney for Parks,” but if you read the fine print it says “to learn more, click on the image” and it takes you to her questionnaires for those groups. Take Action MN has endorsed Russ Henry, Devin Hogan, and Londel French.

My sense of Meg Forney is that she’s friends with the more conservative members of the local DFL (like Tom Hoch, who donated money to Rich Stanek, the loathsome Hennepin County Sheriff). If you’re a golf course fan, I’ll also note she was one of the people who voted against shutting down the golf course.

And NOW it’s finally time for the candidates I genuinely like. If there were only three of these, the rest would be super easy, but there’s four.

Russ Henry (DFL endorsed)

Russ Henry runs an organic landscaping company, which means that when he says we should transition fully away from using pesticides in the parks, I assume he isn’t completely blowing smoke.

I appreciate the fact that he has his answers to all the questionnaires on his website, including the one from the Alliance for Goats. Who even knew that there was an Alliance for Goats? If you’re wondering, Russ is a long-time supporter of goats in the city and he’d like to hire herders of goats to help with invasive species removal. (This is happening on a small scale; he’d like to see it happen on a much larger scale.) He’s also got his golf course position online. I’d say he’s not wildly enthusiastic about it but he’s not unalterably opposed to keeping it, either. So long as it’s possible to run it without pesticides: if it would require pesticides, it has to go.

I’d say his top priority is environmentalism. He wants to eliminate pesticide use, increase pollinator-friendly landscaping, and add renewable power. (He also mentions kids’ programming, but that’s sort of like running for school board and saying you’re in favor of small class sizes. Everyone wants kids’ programming.)

He does have some interesting specifics in his Our Streets questionnaire. He wants to increase staffing in the parks in the poorer parts of town; change the requirement for a 4-year degree to become a park manager (“this discriminates against long time employees who didn’t attend a 4 year college”); stop cutting basketball courts in half; and “turn on the lights at night to encourage folks to be in the parks.”

I was curious about his anti-pesticide stance and e-mailed him with a question about wasp nests. He said that the pesticide-free option for wasp nests is to have an employee put on a bee suit and physically remove the nests with tools or high-pressure water.

Latrisha Vetaw (Green endorsed)

Latrisha Vetaw works for a health clinic, is the board chair of Our Streets Minneapolis, and is program director of the Neighborhood Orange Bikes Program, which seems to be a spinoff of NiceRide where people apply to get to take a bike home for a season. She’s actually best known as an anti-tobacco activist and pushed for the restrictions on menthol cigarettes.

She wants to reduce pesticide use and increase engagement, particularly of marginalized communities in North Minneapolis. She’s a Black woman who lives in North Minneapolis, so I’d say she’s got a legit case for being the right person for that outreach (especially since outreach is a big part of her job with the Orange Bikes program and her job at the health clinic).

She answers questionnaires. (Possibly because she works for Our Streets Minneapolis, which does a questionnaire.) Here’s her Our Streets questionnaire and her Pollen questionnaire.

Londel French (DFL-endorsed)

Londel French has held a bunch of jobs in the parks — rec worker, running the summer lunch program, Adaptive Hockey coach. He also mentions working in the Minneapolis Public Schools. He’s a paraprofessional (I’m pretty sure he’s a Special Education Assistant) at Harrison Education Center. Harrison is a school for students with severe behavioral issues. In 2015, Nekima Levy-Pounds brought a federal complaint that it was not a school but a prison, warehousing kids rather than educating them, and it was almost impossible for a student to get out of Harrison once they were sent there. The district brought in a new principal who valiantly attempted to make it less prison-like but just under a year after starting her job, she was assaulted by a student who left her with a serious concussion. In the wake of this incident, the principal said the district had not given her the support she needed to make the school work as she’d envisioned (and given that among other things they refused to pay her a principal’s salary — she was paid as if she was an assistant principal — for months, I think her anger here is legit.)

This made me wonder if Nekima Levy-Pounds had endorsed French (and vice versa.) I was able to find out that Londel French has endorsed Raymond Dehn.

Anyway. He’s a para: I’m definitely not going to blame him for the situation at Harrison.

His experience also includes volunteering for the Justice 4 All initiative with Take Action Minnesota, the Vote Yes for Kids levy referendum campaign, and with the Office of Black Male Student Achievement.

His website doesn’t have a ton of specifics (he says his priority is getting kids and families into neighborhood recreation centers. Did I mention yet that everyone talks about kids?) In his opening statement at a forum last June, he said his priority was the fact that the Minneapolis Parks employ a lot of people they pay less than $10/hour. He also raised the issue of youth violence and quoted the line, “the best way to stop a bullet is with a job,” suggesting that they hire youth at a fair wage to do work in the parks. On his website, he notes that he is a Black man who has been the victim of police brutality.

Devin Hogan (DFL-endorsed)

I saw one of Devin Hogan’s buttons on Twitter. It said, “DEVIN HOGAN FOR A NEOLIBERAL FREE PARK BOARD.” I read this as Devin wanting a free & neoliberal park board and was concerned, but a friend of mine clued me in that I should be reading it as “neoliberal-free,” i.e., free from neoliberals. That’s much more appealing. This is why punctuation is important, people! Including hyphens.

There are a couple of things I really like about Devin.

First, I like that he has some very specific ideas for changing the Minneapolis Park Police. The Park Police are a separate organization from the MPD; he suggests a bunch of stuff people have suggested for the MPD (train them in de-escalation and mental health stuff and have people expert in mental health accompany them on calls)  but also suggests that we “update uniforms and patrol cars to reflect a more appropriate Urban Park Ranger mindset” (you can argue that this is superficial, but uniforms genuinely affect how people act, in part because they so strongly affect how people respond to you) and then adds to that, “obtain the Minneapolis Public Schools SRO (School Resource Officer) contract and cut the School to Prison Pipeline at the source.” Possibly this would not help with the school-to-prison pipeline? But I really like this idea as a new thing to try.

Second, he has a triangle improvement plan. Triangles are those odd little patches of land scattered around the city; there are apparently 37 of them. They get mowed, and mostly are otherwise ignored. The fact that he’s even thinking about these makes me happy.

Third, I like his position on the golf course, which includes the observation: “This is ultimately a multi-jurisdictional regional watershed issue, of which the golf course is an interrelated part. We have no idea of what’s feasible here, and any redevelopment will likely cost tens of millions of dollars, which doesn’t just appear. We can also still take more immediate steps to mitigate pollution at Lake Hiawatha.”

(Fourth — I found his Our Streets questionnaire and in response to a question about plowing bike lanes in the winter, he suggested considering grooming some lanes instead to allow for people to commute by X-C skiing. I am not sure how workable this is, but it’s a really interesting idea.)

Devin is also apparently endorsed by Sea Salt. (So his concerns about neoliberalism do not extend to leasing park buildings to restaurants. Which is good, because I think Sea Salt is more beloved than some of our actual parks.)

In the videos from the forum held in June, he starts by saying that it’s outrageous that the part-time Park Commissioners get health insurance through their jobs, but many park employees do not.

I think Devin is my #1 and Latrisha is my #2.

I am waffling between Russ Henry and Londel French for my #3. I absolutely think the Park Board needs more representation from people who are not white: Londel French brings that, and would also bring the sort of expertise on parks operations you have when you work non-managerial jobs there. Russ Henry would bring some really specific expertise on landscaping: given that a large percentage of the parks are grass, that’s really useful in its own way. I like the wealth of content on Russ’s website. He seems like someone who’s committed to accountability.

Their priorities are different: Londel is very focused on the well-being of the people who work at the parks, and Russ Henry is very focused on the environmental aspects of park management. I think I’m going to come down on Londel for my #3, in part because, when I think about my own park experiences, staff have been both central to me and my kids, and frequently overlooked by the system as a whole.




Oct. 19th, 2017 01:09 pm
[personal profile] tigertoy
It's OVFF time! If any of the three people who read this care, I will have EFRC calendars available as usual; if you tell me now you want one, I'll make a point of finding you at the con.

Other than that, I'm looking forward to seeing everyone, hearing lots of music, as many hugs as possible, and painful choices for the Pegasus awards!


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