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Thanksgiving Day we went over to Don & Margo's, where we were joined by Virginia, John & Jeanne, Dean & Laura, and Julie & Deanna. Nice Thanksgiving Dinner.

Black Friday I hosted gaming - Don & Margo, Martin S., and Kevin A. came over. First Don & Margo & Martin & I played Quarriors, then all five of us played to games of Wizards. Don won Quarriors, I won both the games of Wizards.

Saturday was a quiet day at home - computer, TV watching, not much else.

Today was laundry and more turkey - we made a nearly 20 pound bird, with ~1 pound of garlic (inspired by Chicken w/ 40 cloves of garlic). Jake, Erin & AJ came over to join us. After dinner we played a game of Quirkle - Erin & Jake ended up tying for first place.

The laundry is done enough - I'm headed for bed shortly.
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I had my typical Memorial Day celebration - Don B, Jonathan A, David W, and David C (WANOLJ, I think) came over and we played Advanced Civilization, the board game. I kind of ran away with it at that end - my final score was better than 25% more than David W's second place. Jonathan came in a miserable last - he had the worst game I've ever seen.

Fortunately, it is a game we all have fun loosing, so a good time was had by all.
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[ profile] davidwilford, David C, Don B, and Jonathan A (WANOLJ) all came over to my house to play Advanced Civilization (the board game). I had an announced 'get here' time of 12N, we probably actually got started about 12:30-12:45, and finished just shy of 10pm.

By the rules, it was supposed to be three map boards and 47 population tokens. We decided to try four map boards and 55 tokens. It gave us elbow room.

Don played Egypt, Jonathan played Babylon.

David C played Illyria and nicely illustrated the fact that the game does punish you if you get too spread out. He came in dead last - his final score was less than half that of the fourth place finisher.

[ profile] davidwilford played Crete, and marched straight through to the end without getting stopped on the Archaeological Succession Table (AST) once.

I played Assyria, and semi-purposely took a hit on the AST at the second barrier (three cities, 9 Civ cards, all five Civ card groups). I think this make my overall game much easier - it didn't look like I was doing as well as I really was. Also, I set myself up in Asia Minor, negotiated a border with Jonathan early, and we backed up the border with a row of cities. I was able to have a nice stable contained civilization - it didn't grow to speak of, but didn't shrink either. It looked smaller than most everyone else's, and I wasn't being a threat to anyone.

Everyone else did claim that I was very good at trading.

Jonathan and [ profile] davidwilford both said they needed to improve their Trade Card trading skills. I think it was more true of Jonathan than [ profile] davidwilford.

I ended up winning by almost 500 points, or a margin of ~15%. IIRC, David W was next, then Jonathan, then Don, then David C. I am unreasonably pleased with myself.

I almost forgot - thanks to [ profile] davidwilford to the nice maps!
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OK, I think most of the gamers on my list read [ profile] muskrat_john, and I think I saw a pointer to it somewhere else ([ profile] supergee maybe?) - but for those of you who haven't heard about it yet - Ziggurat Con is asking for contributions. Stuff only, no money.

Cutting and pasting from [ profile] muskrat_john:
Ziggurat Con, being held June 9 from 1200 to 2100 hours at Camp Adder/Tallil Airbase, in Iraq, is open to all allied military personnel and civilian contractors in Iraq.

This is the first gaming convention EVER to be held in a War Zone.

I hope I can come up with a way to provide some support.
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Courtesy of [ profile] akirlu, the Cupcakes of Catan.
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Hey, [ profile] fmsv! Would you believe My Little Cthulhu?

courtesy of [ profile] muskrat_john
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Also courtesy of [ profile] gomeza

Seriously evil game -


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