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Valentine's Day was a weekend day for me. We got out of the house about 1:30pm to run errands.

Drop off Naomi's Birthday Present
Drop off stuff at [ profile] bernesemntdog & [ profile] kosmickitten's, visit with Baby Irene
Liquor Store
Cub Foods
JoAnn Fabrics
Hancock Fabrics

We got dinner at CostCo & Byerly's - assorted shrimp appetizers, lobster bisque & Beef Wellington at CostCo, individual-sized raspberry cheesecake & creme brulee at Byerly's. It was a really good dinner!

We also got a new rice cooker, [ profile] iraunink got some fabric, alcoholic contributions for the Minn-StF Pool Party, and some everyday groceries.

It was a nice day!
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Well, we didn't have any damage. The four-foots insisted on having us up from 3AM-5AM - I got the first half, [ profile] iraunink got the second half. We got about an inch of water.

[ profile] kosmickitten & [ profile] bernesemntdog had significantly greater problems. One of their trees fell down - nasty damage to his car, her windshield cracked, their house has some roof damage. Oh, and there are pieces of the Arts & Crafts Building in their front yard.
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Last Thursday was [ profile] kosmickitten & [ profile] bernesemntdog's wedding rehearsal and dinner.

Friday was shopping and a MN Orchestra concert - among other things, they performed Sibelius Second Symphony.

Saturday was [ profile] kosmickitten & [ profile] bernesemntdog's wedding and reception - she was gorgeous, he was obviously ecstatic, they are married. The worst thing to happen was that they blew out all three candles when they lit their Unity Candle - the priest had them go relight the tapers from the altar candle and re-light it. And they blew out the tapers facing 90 degrees away from the Unity Candle the second time.

Today we had AJ, the grand-son - two showings of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, a trip to the MN Landscape Arboretum, and dinner at Baker's Square.

Tomorrow I've got friends coming over for gaming - there will have to be some cleaning in the morning!
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Was a double-date with [ profile] bernesemntdog & [ profile] kosmickitten - we went to The Lord of the Rings Symphony at Orchestra Hall, presented by the Minnesota Orchestra, Minnesota Chorale, and Minnesota Boys Choir. We all enjoyed it immensely. I have my doubts about how long-lasting a piece it's going to be - the structure is closely tied to the movie narrative, and it's about two hours of music, so it might feel dis-jointed in the future.
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It was a Minicon.

Details under the cut )
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was actually a birthday party - [ profile] kosmickitten brought over our grandson and her nephew AJ. [ profile] bernesemntdog joined us in celebrating AJ's fourth birthday (it's actually Tuesday, but this was when we could get him over). I made Shrimp Glop for dinner, and he got my first castle bundt cake. He thought it was really neat! Then he got presents - a chocolate toolbox (complete with chocolate tools!) and dominoes from us, and a t-shirt and 1/60 scale Hummer from his Aunt [ profile] kosmickitten. They took off to take him home about 15 minutes ago - we're headed for bed shortly.
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My darling step-daughter, [ profile] kosmickitten, wants to acquire 130-some empty wine bottles, preferably with labels and corks, in the next six months. When asked, "For what?", her reply was "a project". Further pressing for information yielded that it's a recreational project. Her tone of voice and general reluctance led me to ask 'who are you picking on?' "What makes you think I'm picking on someone?" "Your reluctance to give me any more specific information."

I told her I'd ask my friends, but I'd tell them it was for an unspecified practical joke. She allowed that that was acceptable.

I wonder if she realizes just how much room she's going to need to store 130-some wine bottles?
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About 11:45 Monday night, we got a phone call - her dorm mates were concerned about [ profile] kosmickitten. To make a long story short (go bug her if you want more details!), [ profile] kosmickitten & [ profile] iraunink spent the night in the emergency room. I gave [ profile] iraunink a ride to the emergency room - and had a very senior moment getting ready to go out the door. My house key is not on the same key-ring as my car keys - I left both my primary and backup house keys home! And we locked the door on the way out. :-( I dropped my lovely wife off at the emergency room, made certain her daughter was there, and then went home. I realized as I was walking up the front walk that I had no house key. Hop in car, drive back to hospital, get lovely wife's house key, drive home, collapse an hour later than previously planned. I got something just over three hours of sleep last night - I'm really dragging today!

The emergency room made no definitive diagnosis - [ profile] kosmickitten has more doctor visits in her future!

[ profile] bernesemntdog took them out to breakfast, and then delivered them to their respective domiciles. (hey, [ profile] bernesemntdog - Thanks!)
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is starting relatively slowly - I got up about 8:00, let the dogs out, and made breakfast for Irene. Then I made breakfast for me, and then did the final prep work for the dinner's main dish. [ profile] kosmickitten finally got around to asking what we were having, so - Menu and Prep Comments )

[ profile] kosmickitten & [ profile] bernesemntdog should be showing up 2ish. Monica, Flavin and Jake are all maybe stopping by sometime this afternoon or evening. We're having a low-key Thanksgiving!
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My younger step-daughter, [ profile] kosmickiten, got word from the Air Force yesterday - Permanent Medical Disqualification. I assume this means she has been kicked out of Air Force ROTC.

While I feel for her, I cannot claim to be surprised - this is the same step-daughter who's had several concussions since going off to college. Just how accident-prone can you be and still have the Air Force be willing to have you?


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