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Anyone have a CSS editor they'd recommend? Right now, my first choice is Windows, Linux is running a distant second.
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Yeah, I know - it's a silly subject. But it's a serious question.

I recently got a Kindle. I've been trying to decide if I want the Amazon Deluxe Case with Built-In LED Light, or something cheaper. And I've been thinking about my reading habits. I haven't read by anything other than ambient light since I was in elementary school, reading by flashlight under the covers when I was supposed to be sleeping.

My options:
1) Get the fancy Amazon cover - pros: all in one, only one thing to carry; cons: all in one, more expensive, heavier
2) Get a plainer cover and an external light - pros: possibly cheaper, possibly lighter; cons: adds another thing to my 'carry around' pile
3) Get a plainer cover: pros: probably cheaper, probably lighter, only one thing to carry, can upgrade to option 2 at my convenience; cons: can't read in the dark

So, here's the question: if you own an eInk-based ereader - Kindle, non-color Nook, some Sony devices - how often do you read on it using a booklight or other light source that just illuminates the device? Is this more or less frequently than you read dead tree books by booklight or similar illumination?

If you have an opinion - regardless of whether or not you own a relevant ereader - which of my options would you go for, and why?

ETA: FYI, part of what's going on here is I'm trying to convince myself that I'd actually find the light useful. So I'm likely to be poking fairly hard at some of the 'yes' entries, to try to figure out if they really apply to me.
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A friend of mine is looking for a (preferably digital) copy of Grand Knock-Out Tournament - it's an early 80's British game-show, he wants the one special event with teams led by members of the Royal Family. There's an article on Wikipedia.

Rowan Atkinson played the King, Stuart Hall was the host.
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I don't want an iPod.

What's your favorite non-iPod 'holds all my music' MP3 player? My library is currently 40GB, I'd like a minimum of 60GB and would really like 100GB+. I'll take Flash or Hard-drive. My budget looks like it could be as high as $500.
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Does Livejournal have a duplicate posts filter of any kind on the posting side? I.e., if I make two identical posts some period of time apart, can it somehow automagically ignore the second one? If so, what turns it on / triggers it? Or how can I turn it off?
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has lived with someone who worked graveyard, or knows someone, or even just has an opinion.

I started working a graveyard shift yesterday (4 days a week, roughly 11pm-9am). I'm (trying to) go right home after work and get to sleep soon.

The schedule is looking like:

~6pm - get up
7-9pm - have the big meal of the day (usually made by me, then shared with the lovely [ profile] iraunink
~11pm - go to work
~3am - have a medium sized meal
9am - leave work, get home, have a light meal, maybe a heavy snack, go to bed

What would you call the meals? I'm currently tending towards dinner, supper & breakfast.
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I need a To Do List Manager. My major requirement is that it support pop-up reminders for semi-arbitrary times of day (hour & half-hour is sufficient). Next requirement is recurring tasks (Examples: every Monday at 3:30pm; every Monday, Wednesday & Friday at 1pm). I was using the Outlook Task Manager - it was more powerful that what I needed. It needs to run on Windows 7.

I'd also be interested in something that would run under *buntu.
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[ profile] kinzel is going to have chapbooks of the first several chapters of Carousel Tides. My completist soul is crying out for one. Would anyone who's going to be at ReConStruction be willing to try to get one for me? I'm willing to make appropriate reimbursement...
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I have a quantity of cards (Revised, Dark, whatever the enchanted objects release was, at least one release more from that era). For at least two of the releases, I have a minimum of one of everything. If I wanted to find out what they're worth, where should I look?
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My current bag is an MPR Messenger bag. It's got a padded back and an interior pocket that's a nice size for a Dell Latitude D4xx, probably OK for a D6xx.

I have my doubts about just putting an ASUS EEE in it.

Anyone care to recommend a sleeve, or another bag, or something? I'm still trying to figure out exactly what I need to be carrying with me at any given time - the minimum is obviously more than I can comfortably fit in pockets, but I'm still trying to figure out exactly what that minimum is. The 'stuff I want to take to work' is bigger than the 'stuff I want to carry around all the time' - but I'm not certain what the margin is. I really need to dump everything out of the messenger bag and figure out what my realistic minimum is.

Off the top of my head, minimum is going to include cellphone, Nokia N810, meds, Levenger International pocket briefcase, writing utensils, ASUS EEE and accessories, Casio Exilim camera, and a variety of USB / SD / miniSD / microSD memory devices. Room for a hard-cover book would be nice.

Oh, and something to organize and protect all the memory cards would be nice, too!
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The early bombards fired stone projectiles. Anyone know what the common term was for those projectiles at the time?
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So, if you were a rich pulp hero in the 1920's, what would you use for your kit?

The hero in question has a strong mystic bent, and a country estate. So far, he's got a touring car, journal, pencil, pen, flashlight, magnifying glass. In the car he keeps a metal-shod ironwood quarterstaff.

What would you think a hero should carry on his person? And what should be in the boot of the car?
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I'm trying to get post-by-e-mail working again. It was working before the server crash - now I'm getting errors trying to use it.

Now, my last successful e-mail post was in September 2008. I've just been going through the FAQs - it looks good to me. Is the address I should use still

sanitized error logs under the cut )
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Anyone know of a font called "Ives"?

Yes, there's a joke here. )
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Someone on my FL posted links to MP3s of Dr. Who Theme variations - especially one done on a harpsichord. Anyone remember who & where?

I had a data failure, and lost them.
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I've got a baked rice pudding recipe that calls for 2 cups cooked rice, 1/2 cup brown sugar, 4 eggs, 1 1/3 cups milk, some salt and some flavorings.

First question - is the sugar providing anything other than sweetening? Is it likely to work if I replace all or part of the brown sugar with Splenda or other bakeable artificial sweetener?

Second question - as I understand it, this is a custard variation. I realized last night that I've never heard of a savory custard (unless that's what a quiche is, and I've just never realized it). But it's basically milk & eggs - could I strip out all the sweet ingredients, and toss in some onions, garlic, whatever, and make a savory variant?
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I've got some SMB shares on a Debian server (I think it's running Etch, I'd have to check). Among the shares are hidden user home shares - you need to know the share exists and provide credentials to connect to them.

I cannot figure out how to connect to them from a laptop running Mandriva 2009! The most encouraging result I've gotten is "Unable to connect to server. Please check your settings and try again." I'm using Dolphin - if I try to go straight to an SMB share I get a 'not found' error. If I try to set them up using the 'Add Network Folder' wizard, I get the error above. I'm getting prompted for credentials before I get the error above

The shares work wonderfully using a WinXP box to connect to them.

Any ideas? All my google hits are assuming I'm either setting up Samba, or connecting to a Linux Samba server from a Windows box. :-(

ETA: /etc/hosts has the server listed in it as a hard-coded IP address. Firefox on the Mandriva box can connect to the Apache server on the Debian box with no problem. I haven't tried SSH yet - that's the next project after this.
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I got an invitation to join, I think I recognize the name, but I'd like to hear opinions.
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I dug out my iced tea brewer this week. Now I need to wash it. However, I've forgotten something.

How much tea do you put in to make iced tea? We like our tea on the strong side. I may have to buy tea - I'd probably prefer bulk to bagged, but having both numbers would be good.

I'm probably making it in 3 quart units, but I'm good at translating. This is a Mr. Coffee Iced Tea Maker - I normally run the water through to make the tea, and then add cold water and refrigerate, as opposed to making it brew over ice. I'll do the latter if I need it now, and have somehow contrived to get a bag of ice from somewhere - we don't normally keep ice in the house.


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