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Last Sunday - [ profile] iraunink hosted Ladies Sewing Circle.
Monday - we went up to Hinckley and met my mother for lunch at the Golden Pine Restaurant. We stopped at the quilting store in Rush City on the way up, and North Branch Outlets on the way back. Ralph and the grand-daughters came over for dinner - left-over chicken salad from CostCo.
Tuesday - Tuesday Dinner Group at Curran's.
Wednesday - we went to lunch at Olive Garden, then visited Irene's mother in transitional care, then had take-out for dinner, followed by friends coming over for gaming - we played two games of Quarriors.
Thursday - quiet day at home, dinner at Peninsula Restaurant organized by Geri Sullivan.
Friday - quiet day at home, Jake came over for dinner - various pastas from Jakeeno's.
Saturday - Minn-StF Annual Picnic, followed by gaming at my house - Rachel K's Blade & Crown.
Today - quiet day, laundry, steak in the sous-vide cooker for dinner.

It was a nice relaxing week.
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I'm taking PTO for July 13th-17th. We're doing stuff around the house, some touristy stuff around town, and meeting Mom in Hinckley.

Today was supposed to be stuff around the house.

I discovered I was tired. The dogs woke me up about 4:30am - as they've been doing for the past couple of months. I let them out, gave them breakfast, and was awake for about two hours. Went back to sleep, got woken up again about 9am, went back to sleep 10ish, and got up at 1:30pm.

I think I was tired.

We went to Hibachi Grill for dinner.

I'm getting some laundry done, and some computer files organization. Oh, and I put the wheels back on the ShopVac.
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I forgot to mention - thanks to [ profile] chirosinger & [ profile] musicmutt for watching the four-foots!
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if a touch short. We drove down to Kansas City, MO on Thursday to visit my father and step-mother, and drove back on Sunday.

On the way down, we stopped at the Calico Hutch Quilt Shop in Hayward, MN, and Crossroads Quilting in Cameron, Mo. [ profile] iraunink spent her Newtonfest & Valentine's presents between the two of them. We left about 8:30am, and got there about 6:30pm.

Saturday Dad took us to Leila's Hair Museum. Absolutely fascinating, about the use of human hair to make various kinds of ornament.

We spent a lot of time talking about family histories.

On the way back, we stopped at the Amish Country Store in Lamoni, IA - bought a couple of candles, some snack stuff, and had lunch (Maid-Rites! haven't had those in years!). We left about 10am, and got home about 7pm.

Today is recovery - I slept late, and now I'm doing laundry.

Road Trip!

Jul. 15th, 2013 08:13 pm
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[ profile] iraunink & I ran down to Kansas City, MO, this past weekend to see my father and step-mother. The car claims it was running for 13:07, and that we traveled 911.9 miles. We drove down on Friday, and back on Sunday. [ profile] iraunink slept for some of the trip down, so I plugged my iPod into the car stereo after Medford Outlets, and we listened to BBC Beethoven Symphonies the rest of the way - we listened to all of 1-8, and the first movement or so of 9.

While we were there, we made it into Kansas for about three minutes - Dad lives about a mile from the border, we went about six blocks along the street that's the border between Missouri and Kansas. Saturday, he took us to the National WWI Museum.


Jun. 28th, 2013 06:45 pm
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And I am now on vacation for nine days! I'm taking off the week of July 1st, I don't have to go back to work until July 8th!

We're planning a staycation. The plan is to do some touristy stuff around town - window shopping around 60th & York, maybe window shopping in beautiful downtown Edina, maybe some museuming - the Walker, Minneapolis Institute of Arts, or the American-Swedish Institute.
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<sarcasm> For some strange reason, I'm driving to Chicago on Friday. </sarcasm>

For those on my friends list with recent experience - IIRC, I should be able to get most, if not all, of the way to Naperville, IL on a tank of gas. So, I've got two options - fill up just before leaving Wisconsin, or fill up in one of Chicago's western suburbs. Which is my better bet?
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I finally got caught up.

I hadn't read any LJ since Thursday night - first it was Minicon, where I was too cheap to pay for internet access. Then, when I might have read LJ Monday afternoon, I was working instead. Yes, I'm supposed to be on vacation - but work called about 8:45 with 'if you come in and work 12-7 this afternoon, we'll give you 11.5 hours of vacation to make up for it'. I said yes. Then went to the Dessicated Dodo party after work, and came home sufficiently late that I read no LJ then either.
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I was on vacation last week - so why am I writing it up on the Friday of my work-week after the vacation?

gaming, parties, road trip, and boring stuff )


Apr. 4th, 2007 11:48 am
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Today is the first day of eleven days of vacation. I go back to work Sunday, April 15th.

I've got Minicon this weekend. A week from Saturday I'm hosting a Puppy Play Party. Next week I'm planning on doing something about the disaster area that is my office.

With luck, [ profile] iraunink and I will do some of the stuff around town that we've been meaning to do for at least a couple of years now.

In other words, a quiet, laid-back vacation at home. I'm looking forward to it!
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We went up to Duluth yesterday, to finally deliver Mom's Christmas present. It was a sound card for her computer, and a new-to-her 17" monitor (Thanks, [ profile] mrissa, she likes it!). I turned it on, the old monitor did this shimmery thing, I turned it off to swap monitors, and ... you guessed it, it didn't turn back on. That was the point at which she told me that she'd been having to power-cycle it two or three times to get it to boot recently. :-( OK, it's time for a new computer. She's buying, the major limit is that it has to be up and running, with most of her software reinstalled, before I came home. My first thought was to get her a new new computer - that survived about 3 minutes once I hit Best Buy. Windows Vista. There was no way I was going to give my mother a new computer with an operating system that I'm not either currently running, or have been running relatively recently. Let alone one that I'm unlikely to be touching for a year, minimum! OK, off to the local Computer Renaissance. They didn't have anything I could take away with me Thursday late afternoon, but did have a bunch of Dell desktops running Win2K Pro that they' have available soon. Soon ended up being about 1:30 Friday afternoon. Dashed home with the new computer, installed Quicken, WordPerfect, Wheel of Fortune, and a MahJongg program. Now she has a working system, all I have to do is get the data off the old hard-drive. There's this box that won't power up sitting on my dining room table right now...

Other than that, she took us out to dinner Thursday and lunch Friday. Dinner was at a newish restaurant in Superior, WI, called Le Bistro. Total bill for the three of us was about $85 - mom had scallops in lemon butter, [ profile] iraunink had broiled walleye, I had cioppino, and then [ profile] iraunink and I split a serving of Raspberry Chambord Cheesecake for dessert. It was a good dinner!

Lunch was the Nokomis Cafe, which was about 20 minutes up the north shore. (Yes, I found the thought of a Nokomis anything that far north a little bit set destructive.) Appetizers were a salad with blueberry vinaigrette dressing for mom, and a smoked whitefish cake for [ profile] iraunink and me. Entrees were a walleye cake po-boy for mom, [ profile] iraunink and I split the meatloaf with herb polenta, and then had a Meyer Lemon curd creme brulee for dessert. We didn't like the ratatouille side dish that came with the entree, and the sauce that came with the smoked whitefish cake had a touch too much mayo in it for my taste, but it was still a pretty good meal. I'd go back there in a few months, after they change from their winter menu to their spring or summer menu.

We also came home with some silver serving pieces that mom wanted to get rid of. I think we'll get reasonably use out of them - after we get the tarnish off.


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