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Happy Birthday [ profile] rolanni
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was much easier!

Sharon Lee uploaded a new version of Skyblaze with various typos corrected.

I signed in to, went to Kindle Support, submitted a request via web, and within two hours had a 'delete it from your Kindle, then log in and re-download it' e-mail. And I now have the corrected version.
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[ profile] kinzel is going to have chapbooks of the first several chapters of Carousel Tides. My completist soul is crying out for one. Would anyone who's going to be at ReConStruction be willing to try to get one for me? I'm willing to make appropriate reimbursement...
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If, they're having an Expanding Universe Contest.

  • The Expanding Universe Contest is open to anyone — and everyone! — who has never, ever, cross-your-heart-&c read a Liaden Universe® novel.

  • Reply to this blog entry with your name, and where you heard about the contest. From those who respond, 36 lucky winners will be chosen by drawing. If 36 or less people enter the contest, then everyone’s a winner!

  • Each winner will be asked to provide their email address for purposes of receiving the code that will allow them to download their prize.

  • A list of winners — with links to their websites, should they wish, and links to the website where they heard about the contest — will be published in this blog.

Go! Sign up! Good Luck!
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Just bought mine, about to download it - and I don't have TIME to read it today! Wife's mother's 80th birthday party, local SF club board elections (I'm on the ballot, I'll probably be re-elected), it's Spring Forward night and I have to get up at 5am in the morning to go to work!

Ah, well - maybe I can read some of it at work tomorrow.
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I was at Uncle Hugo's today - they're right up front in the New Releases rack! On the top row even!
Big pictures within )
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I just posted the final Fledgling Lost Souls List over on [ profile] theo_waitley. This is the final version of the list I pointed to here.

If you're feeling bored, ambitious, helpful, or just plain curious, please take a look!
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I just finished sending the second e-mails for Fledgling Address Verification. These went to everyone that I had an e-mail address for that hadn't bounced the first time.

I'm going to give everyone about two days to reply, then I'll be posting an updated Lost Souls list. This one will be bigger.

FWIW, there are currently 175 Lost Soul entries, out of 926 entries total.
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I'm doing mailing address verifications for [ profile] rolanni & [ profile] kinzel - their novel Fledgling is coming out from Baen in September, and they promised dead-tree editions to anyone who made sufficiently large contributions when they were doing the first draft on-line. This post in [ profile] theo_waitley is my current Lost Souls list.

If you're feeling bored, ambitious, helpful, or just plain curious, please take a look!
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In the last two days, I've given Baen $83. That breaks down as:

The Webscription includes the final version of Fledgling. Fledgling, The Tomorrow Log, and Dragon Tide are all by Sharon Lee & Steve Miller. For those who are interested, it looks like The Tomorrow Log and Dragon Tide will be available independently for $6.00 at some point in the future. IIRC, Webscriptions bundles are usually good for three months - so I'd guess it'll be available individually by itself come September. Oh - you do have to buy The Tomorrow Log & Dragon Tide together - you can't get just the Dragon Tide chapbook.
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New this week at

Coffeecat, by Sharon Lee
Gonna Boogie with Granny Time, by Sharon Lee

(Referrals available upon request, IIRC a referral is worth 10% off)
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[ profile] kinzel just posted to the Liaden Universe mailing list and Baen's Bar that he and [ profile] rolanni have a contract to sign to get all the Liaden Chapbooks up on Baen Webscriptions. There is NO estimate of when this will happen - that has to be worked out yet. But I get to look forward to it!
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I've downloaded all five versions, and unzipped the html versions.
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I couldn't resist - thanks, [ profile] anhayla!

Support Fledgling

Oh, my!

Oct. 5th, 2005 01:53 pm
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I just finished Crystal Dragon (get the e-book at Embiid).

Oh, my! Just, oh, my!
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Yay! My copy of the Buzzy Multimedia audiobook of Local Custom just showed up! With the sterling silver Tree and Dragon charm!

Now all I need to do is make time to listen to eight CD's of Michael Shanks reading.


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