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This is the one in Bloomington, MN. See

Who's going? [ profile] iraunink and I will be commuting. I know Sharon Lee & Steve Miller will be there. Who else?
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I took today off - we'll be shopping, cleaning, and (hopefully) packing books.

Tomorrow we're hosting the Minn-StF Meeting. The menu includes

* Vegan Curry w/ Brown Rice
* Sweet & Sour Meatballs
* Carrot Cake

Then on Sunday, we have to clear out the master bedroom. Next week they're repairing the roof, tearing the wallpaper off the master bedroom, repairing water damage (if needed) and painting the walls, and painting the dining room ceiling.

It's going to be a long weekend.
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FYI, [ profile] mjlayman's LJ account now has Memorial status.
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You are all invited to my Birthday Party, which will also be a Minn-StF Meeting, starting at 2pm tomorrow, December 15th. If you need the address or directions, please call 612-822-0451.

We will be serving ham, broccoli quinoa feta salad, Vegan Spice Cake, Stonewall Pie*, three different kinds of home-made caramelized onion dips, two commercial dips, potato chips, white cheddar puffs, brownie bites, raspberry & cream cheese pastries, dark chocolate covered acai & blueberries, mini-cream-puffs & mini-eclairs.

I do not expect anyone on my FL who is not a Twin Cities, MN, local to show up.

* A very rich concoction that includes cool-whip, Eagle Brand Sweetened Condensed Milk, and frozen limeade in its ingredient list.
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Hey, [ profile] mle292! Have you seen these Lightsaber Tap Handles?
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Did I mention going to [ profile] papersky's signing at Uncle Hugo's on Sunday? I had a delightful time at it and the meal at the Java Restaurant afterwards (let's see - attended by me, [ profile] papersky, Z (who's LJ handle I've forgotten), [ profile] iraunink, [ profile] naomikritzer, [ profile] carbonel, [ profile] arkuat, [ profile] lydy, [ profile] dd_b, and [ profile] pameladean - I would have sworn there were eleven of us, but I can't think of who the eleventh person was).

Have I mentioned I really like my doctor? )

Wednesday was the weekly Spirit of the Century gaming - Don, Steve W, Dave M (WANOLJ that I know of) and me - we were missing Martin. We were headed into the Amazon jungle, near what is now the border between Colombia and Brazil. We have encountered the Un-Aging Golden Emperor of Rome. This could get interesting.

Thursday was dinner with Don - no Margo, she wasn't feeling well. We cooked an 11 pound bone-in ham.

Friday was dinner with [personal profile] kalmn and her SO (does he have an LJ/DW account?). That was pasta with red sauce, diced ham (left-overs) and green beans, and they brought garlic bread and dessert. Good dinner.

Today was grocery shopping, laundry, and assorted kitchen clean-up. Shopping included Penzey's - we got a free bottle of Cinnamon Sugar, Mural of Flavor, Sunny Paris, Chinese Five-Spice Powder, Bouquet Garni and Italian Herb Mix. Tonight is supposed to be starting caramelized onions in the crock-pot, and Sunday I'm making French Market Soup in the crockpot with the left over ham bone.
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This is what we have planned so far for the Minn-StF Meeting at our house on October 1st.

* Pulled Pork / Barbecued Pork Sandwiches (the hard part is done)
* Wild Rice and Black Bean Soup (this should be vegan)
* Anniversary Cake

* Assorted other munchies, exact mix to be determined
* Assorted beverages, including some beers and a couple of ciders (the alcohol is left over from Linda L.'s meeting, she passed it on)
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According to this post by [ profile] polyfrog:

I don't know if all identifiable strains get names or just the really bad ones or what, but it turns out that the strain of Noro we all caught in 2008 has its own name: "AY502008 (Wiscon)"
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[ profile] kinzel is going to have chapbooks of the first several chapters of Carousel Tides. My completist soul is crying out for one. Would anyone who's going to be at ReConStruction be willing to try to get one for me? I'm willing to make appropriate reimbursement...
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This is my "I'm on it, or wild horses couldn't keep me from attending it" list.

7pm - Opening Ceremonies
8pm - Cyberspace: Mental watering hole, or black hole for today's generation?

4pm - Reading: Sharon Lee and Steven Miller (This is a wild horses event.)
7pm - E-books - Like them or dislike them?
8pm - On-Line Fandom - How hard is it to nurture?

8am - FoL Breakfast (This is a wild horses event.)
10am - Fhannish Life and How it Positively Influences the Mundane Life
12pm - Fledgling - a Liaden book. Discussion
1pm - Literature on the Internet
3pm - Closing Ceremonies
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Hey, [ profile] norabombay! Have you run across A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To Valdemar?
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or maybe it was early this morning - it was while listening to the Player Piano at [ profile] fmsv & [ profile] cowfan's Minn-StF Meeting last night:

Judi Dench & Max Raabe within )
Can anyone pass this along to Hershey & Sahara?
sraun: portrait (Default) Announces the Steampunk Month Photo Contest!

Submit a picture of yourself in steampunk garb, possibly win a prize. There's a bunch of BPAL prizes.
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Baen Books is having a LolKzin contest. Make a LolKzin out of the cover image for one of their Man-Kzin books, and win a print.

The editors of Baen Books will be the judges. Entries will be judged on originality, sophisticated word play (yes, we mean puns) and overall fun factor.
Winner will receive a Man-Kzin print autographed by the artist, Stephen Hickman. The creator of the bestselling Man-Kzin Wars series, Larry Niven, disclaims any responsibility for this contest.
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Have any of you not seen SciFi Wire's list of 14 great Cthulhu toys that make devouring souls fun?

Hey, [ profile] fmsv - you going to get the Cthulhu Plush Christmas Wreath?
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Clarkesworld Magazine is soliciting readers.

By having a contest - link back to them, and you might get a free book.
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I just posted the final Fledgling Lost Souls List over on [ profile] theo_waitley. This is the final version of the list I pointed to here.

If you're feeling bored, ambitious, helpful, or just plain curious, please take a look!
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This constitutes a sufficiently public announcement that I'm willing to talk about it.

I'm going to be in Naperville, IL, June 18-20, 2010. As Fan Guest of Honor at Duckon. Say what?!?!

There are times when my friends force me to re-evaluate chunks of my world-view, practically always in a positive fashion. This is definitely one of them!

I am quite pleasantly croggled.
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I was re-elected to the Minnesota Science Fiction Society, Incorporated (AKA Minn-StF, MN-STF, or other similar abbreviations) Board of Directors at the Annual Voting Meeting on Saturday.

This is not surprising. I was on the Board last year. The chances of a sitting Board member who chooses to run for re-election not being re-elected are slim.

Dave Romm posted a picture of the new Board.


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