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It's not Addison's. It's third-degree {something something} - I think the second word was arrhythmia?

Basically, his nerves are not communicating well enough with his heart to tell it to fire.

The treatment is a pacemaker. That's not in the cards. The veterinary cardiologist gives him maybe a month left to live.
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So, the plan was:

  1. Drop off Ziggy at the vet to get his teeth cleaned

  2. Pick up [ profile] arkuat

  3. Go to work

  4. Leave work early to get a filling replaced

  5. Pick up Ziggy at the vet

1 & 2 went according to plan. 3? Not so much. About half-way to work the car started having power problems - in neutral, the engine would rev just fine, in gear, sometimes there was no power to the wheels. I pulled off to the side of the freeway about three-quarters of the way to work, turned off the car, and opened the hood. Nothing obviously wrong, all the fluids were good. Tried to start the car, and it went tick-tick-tick-tick very rapidly - and didn't start. And then the power windows failed. And then the four-way flashers failed!

[ profile] arkuat called in to work - one of our colleagues came and got him.

I called my mechanic, and got the phone number for their favorite towing company. Called the towing company, got my car taken to my mechanic. Got a loaner car - I was still going to have to get to the dentist!

Got home, got my work computer plugged in, did some work from home.

About 11:30, I got a phone call from the vet. Ziggy's resting heart rate was 36 - normal would be 70-120. They'd gotten him to do some exercise, to try to get it up - normal then would be up to 130. It stayed at 36. Had we noticed any change in behavior - more tired, lack of appetite, seizures? Nope. Teeth cleaning was canceled - they didn't want to put him under anesthesia with such a slow heart rate! They suspect it might be something called Addison's, which is a low cortisol level. They took blood for tests, we should hear back on that tomorrow. If it's not that, we get to go to a doggy cardiologist. I went and picked him up about 12:15pm.

As of 2:30, the car wasn't fixed, so I took the loaner off to the dentist.

Where I discovered that the appointment I had made last week for half-hour slot at 3pm today wasn't on the books.

They got me set up for a 4pm appointment with one of the other dentists. They actually called me in at 3:51, and were done with me by 4:03.

Then it was off to the mechanic. The car was done - the alternator had died. They had just replaced the alternator last November. They get their alternators from a company that just does alternators, and their experience was that said company had a very high reliability. The new alternator was free - we just had to pay for the tow.

Then I came home and cooked up CSA veggies for dinner. Now we need to take out garbage and recycling, and then I'll get to call it a night.

It was one of those days where the choices were laugh, cry, or curse the universe. I ended up laughing.
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Well, not really - he told me I could move to Denver to get away from my most significant allergy.

Did you know there are no dust mites in Denver? That's what my allergist claims - he said the partial pressure of 02 above 5000 feet was insufficient for them to live.

He reports that I showed no significant allergy to cats.

He reports that I'm not allergic to ragweed, but to another common fall weed (that I'll have to get [ profile] iraunink to point out to me sometime).

The state of the art has improved enough in 30+ years to tell me more about my food allergy. There's a close link between various tree pollen allergies and allergies to various fresh fruits and vegetables.
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I've been up about 33 hours at this point. I'm not used to that any more.

I got up about 10:30am on Sunday and started onions caramelizing in the crockpot - they got turned on about 11:30am. This is supposed to take ~10 hours, it normally runs me 12-14. 24 hours later, they were done. And I really couldn't just go to sleep on them - I wasn't certain when they were going to finish.

After they finished, I ran errands. I came home with lunch, then [ profile] iraunink and I ran errands. I'm going to bed - I have to get up about 6am tomorrow. Errands included haircut, boot shopping, picking up prescriptions, ordering glasses (3 pair for me, 1 pair for [ profile] iraunink), and shopping for a new media center. More on that last in a later bottle.
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Early this morning I had a nasty cramp in my right calf - the muscle locked up tight as a drum. That was one of the nice fringe benefits of being married, [ profile] iraunink rubbed it out for me. My leg still hurts, but it should walk out in the next couple of hours.
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I got a pair of computer glasses (single vision extra power as compared to my standard progressive bifocal lenses) on November 4th. I did not try to use them in Seattle. I started using them this past Monday, the 12th.

I am very happy with them!

They're lousy for get up and walk around - anything more than about six feet away gets very blurry. So, if I'm doing anything significant away from the computer, I change to my regular glasses. When I get back, I immediately switch back to the computer glasses, almost without thinking - they are that much better for my multi-monitor desktop setup.
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I took yesterday off, and took [ profile] iraunink to the Friend's School Plant Sale. I think this is the seventh year we've gone. Out of bed at 5:30, in line to pick up our wrist-bands about 6:30, got the wrist-bands shortly after 7:00, off to breakfast at Burger King, back for opening at 9:00 (they moved that up an hour - previous years it was 10:00). We were in the second group, we got in the door about 9:05 or 9:10, and were in our car driving away by 9:45. We got hosta, daylilies, tomatoes, various herbs, geraniums, ageratum, and a couple of coleus.

We ran a couple of errands on the way home, and then [ profile] iraunink went back to bed. I went off and got a surface cavity filled in the mid-afternoon. Other than that, it was a very low-key day.

Today, [ profile] iraunink is having a dead day. I have gamers showing up shortly, and that will keep me busy until dinnertime.

Other things to be done this weekend - four loads of laundry (load one is currently in the dryer, load two is in the washing machine), and some mailing list clean-up. Tomorrow should be a nice low-key day for me - [ profile] iraunink may plant some of yesterday's loot.
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Did I mention going to [ profile] papersky's signing at Uncle Hugo's on Sunday? I had a delightful time at it and the meal at the Java Restaurant afterwards (let's see - attended by me, [ profile] papersky, Z (who's LJ handle I've forgotten), [ profile] iraunink, [ profile] naomikritzer, [ profile] carbonel, [ profile] arkuat, [ profile] lydy, [ profile] dd_b, and [ profile] pameladean - I would have sworn there were eleven of us, but I can't think of who the eleventh person was).

Have I mentioned I really like my doctor? )

Wednesday was the weekly Spirit of the Century gaming - Don, Steve W, Dave M (WANOLJ that I know of) and me - we were missing Martin. We were headed into the Amazon jungle, near what is now the border between Colombia and Brazil. We have encountered the Un-Aging Golden Emperor of Rome. This could get interesting.

Thursday was dinner with Don - no Margo, she wasn't feeling well. We cooked an 11 pound bone-in ham.

Friday was dinner with [personal profile] kalmn and her SO (does he have an LJ/DW account?). That was pasta with red sauce, diced ham (left-overs) and green beans, and they brought garlic bread and dessert. Good dinner.

Today was grocery shopping, laundry, and assorted kitchen clean-up. Shopping included Penzey's - we got a free bottle of Cinnamon Sugar, Mural of Flavor, Sunny Paris, Chinese Five-Spice Powder, Bouquet Garni and Italian Herb Mix. Tonight is supposed to be starting caramelized onions in the crock-pot, and Sunday I'm making French Market Soup in the crockpot with the left over ham bone.
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Saturday we met mom in Hinckley at 1pm for lunch. On the way, we dropped off peonies at [info]iraunink's for sister Monica, and stopped at North Branch Outlets and bought a carry-on suitcase and a new kitchen timer - the old one finally died after a nasty fall about three years ago. On the way back, we stopped at a rental place, and rented a gasoline-powered augur / post-hole digger.

I used the augur to finis off digging the holes for the ginkgo and the forsythia we bought a couple of weeks ago. This went mostly OK - the augur did get caught on a big tree root and ran away on me. The spinning top caught me in the hands a couple of times, but did not appear to do any serious damage. I went to bed having taken ibuprofen, and slept for twelve hours.

This morning, I decided I was still in enough pain in my right hand that I was concerned, so I returned the augur, and then went off to Urgent Care. The doctor listened to my description, poked and prodded and had me move my hand, and had me x-rayed. The diagnosis was bad strain/sprain - ibuprofen, ice, and brace. Unfortunately, it seem I have left my brace at work. :(

I've also got what is going to be a very pretty bruise covering a generous third of the back of my left hand, a slight strain/sprain below my right shoulder, and a small scrape just below my right elbow.

On the positive side, the ginkgo is in the ground now!
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Now I'm on Flovent (artificial corticosteroid inhaler) for it. Follow up with my doctor in a month.
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According to this post by [ profile] polyfrog:

I don't know if all identifiable strains get names or just the really bad ones or what, but it turns out that the strain of Noro we all caught in 2008 has its own name: "AY502008 (Wiscon)"
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Monday a week ago (the 11th), my boss came to us and said "I need two people to work Sunday-Thursday and two to work Tuesday-Saturday, starting October 17th." Normal shift - 7am-4pm - all five days. There are only six of us, one started three weeks after the rest of us and is obviously not ready for solo weekend work, and the lead should probably be one of the Monday-Friday. Obviously, I was going to have to work a weekend day.

I jumped in volunteering for Tuesday-Saturday. That way I get home about 4:30, we head off to Minn-StF (arriving anywhere between 5:00 and 6:00, depending on factors I don't control), and not have to be leaving at 8pm to be getting at 5am to be at work at 7am. With luck, I'll be able to get off this shift in a few months. We'll see what happens.

This worked out nicely for Conjecture - I'd put in to be off October 18th, but didn't have to take it because I got a three-day weekend out of the shift change. One of my colleagues and I swapped today (10/23) and tomorrow (10/24) because I had something today that I'd had scheduled for a month that would be awful to try to move on short notice. Worked out reasonably nicely.

Now I have to arrange to be off Saturday, December 18th - since I'm hosting the Minn-StF Meeting that day!

I renewed my drivers license and car tabs on Monday, 10/18. I was told I'd have my new license within a couple of weeks - I got it today.

Let's see - other than that? Oh, yeah - I really hate muscle cramps! I had a nice tight one in my right calf muscle in the wee hours this morning. [ profile] iraunink helped massage it out. It still hurt when I got up about 10am. We walked the dogs around the block just before noon - that helped. Then gamers came over, we had a fun session, [ profile] iraunink & I walked the dogs again - the muscle is much better now!
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It is National Cancer Survivors Day.

I'm a six year survivor of Large Granular Lymphocyte Leukemia. This is in no way a surprise to my oncologist - he claims I have the common cold of the leukemia / cancer world. He says people die of something else, practically always unrelated. He's had people live forty years with this. Really, it impacts my life less than my Type II Diabetes - for the cancer, I take eight little pills once a week, and I'm done with it.
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For anyone who's interested - I didn't go in to work today, and my primary doctor put me on Zithromax. I should be getting my first dose in the next hour or two.
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Glad I had the day off work. Slept until 12N, got up at something, have been lying in bed with laptop for the last hour or so.

Cough, no voice, scratchy throat, general run-down. For those who were here yesterday - yeah, like that only more so.

I have this sneaking suspicion I'm not going to make it in to work tomorrow - work is 12 hours of talking to people on the phone (OK, maybe more like 4-7 hours spread over a 12 hour shift), if all I can do is whisper and cough, I don't think I can work.
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What's your favorite skin cream? I'm having some dry skin issues on my
hands, and don't currently have anything.

When I was diagnosed diabetic lo, these many years ago (my 15th anniversary
of being diagnosed was this last September), the hands-down winner was
Eucerin. Is it still on top, or has something replaced it?

Yay! Snow!

Oct. 10th, 2009 12:56 pm
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The dogs got me up about 8:30 this morning to let them visit the Big Room with the Huge Yellow Light.

There was about a quarter inch of snow on the grass and cars. None on the sidewalks and street. There's still some in the shade - I expect it all to be gone by late afternoon.

Now all I need is a good wide-spread rain to wash out the pollen, and I can go off my allergy meds for the fall. I may get lucky as early as Monday - the seven day forecast has 70% chance of snow (not as good as rain) and 20% on Wednesday (iffy). Ooh, Weather Underground is predicting 20/30% chances of rain for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday! This might be the earliest I've gone of my fall allergy meds in years!
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Shortly after Minicon I came down with a cold. Then I gave it to [ profile] iraunink. Now she's over it, but it's hung on for me - I thought I was pretty much over it last week, but it came back Tuesday with a vengeance. Last night I was running a middling fever and crashed about 7pm, and woke up about 8am this morning.


Called the doctor - he prescribed a ZPac for me. I'm hoping for a quick effect.
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I was eating some crackers & nut mix at work yesterday afternoon. When I was done, it felt like there was a chunk of peanut stuck to the top of the furthest back molar on the bottom right side. I worried at it with my tongue off and on the rest of the day, and brushed my teeth well in the evening. It was still there. :-( I had [ profile] iraunink take a look at it, and she said it looked like a filling came loose. :-(^2

I called my dentist when the dogs woke me up this morning. They got me in at 12:30. I'd broken off a little bit of one the parts that sticks up. She smoothed it down - now it no longer bugs me! :-) - and took an X-ray. This is the tooth with the largest filling (probably by a fair margin, IIRC) - she said the next time something happens to it, it will probably need a crown. So she sent the X-ray off to my insurance company for a pre-qualification.

She's charging me for the X-ray, and nothing else. :-)
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Today it was annual eye exams for me and [ profile] iraunink.

Prescriptions essentially unchanged, eyes still look good, no diabetic complications for either of us, I get a glaucoma test and it was just fine (14 on a 13-21 range).

And my eyes were dilated coming home. Two pair of sunglasses made it tolerable - bright sunshine, white snow, glare, the odd headlight. I'm glad my wife was driving. The stars I get are on the order of 10x the diameter of the (semi-)point source causing them.

I'll still have some problems the rest of the day - glad I don't have to go out!


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