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I got to work Tuesday morning to discover that, by the end of the year, I'm going to be working for a wholly owned subsidiary of EMC. The word is that this is a good thing - they say they're leaving pretty much everything intact, they have done this for other recent acquisitions. So we'll get economies of scale (should help with health care, buying various stuff), but will still be pretty much our own culture.

I am cautiously optimistic.
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As of today, I'm on my 'normal' schedule of 7am-4pm Monday - Friday. Well, at least until my boss decides that he wants to have some of work a later shift.

The sixth person starts on Wednesday or Thursday, then he gets six new head-count starting October 1st. We move into temporary space in early October, and then we take over one of the adjoining suites in mid-December. There will be room there for 46 of us - current plan has that space full by the end of 2011.
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I'm home from my last day at Moneygram.

I hope that Tuesday's job interview goes very well!
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Wednesday was my Saturday. I ran to the Hyatt at the south end of Nicollet Mall for a job fair hosted by Monster. It was about as productive as any of the one's I went to in the past - which is to say, not very. I stopped on the way home and bought SpellCrash by Kelly McCollough. Had gamers over in the evening.

Thursday I talked to a head-hunter, and stopped to buy gas & groceries on the way back. I was supposed to be meeting another head-hunter, but she ended up out ill Thursday and Friday. I also picked up copies of Mouse and Dragon and The Dragon Variation by Sharon Lee & Steve Miller. Will need to take them along to Duckon to be signed. Don & Margo (WANOLJ) came over for dinner. Oh, and did two loads of laundry.

Friday I cooked and did laundry. Three more loads (the last has just finished drying now). I made Barbecued Beans (my standard recipe, available upon request) and Curry Turkey Meatloaf. We had the beans for dinner, and just tossed the meatloaf in the refrigerator (this was the plan).

Today (my Sunday) is cleaning in the kitchen. We had cold meatloaf sandwiches for lunch. Oh, and I'm helping [ profile] iraunink with some gardening stuff. I may end up making hummus.
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1 - Working on getting printing fixed on the server. After that comes web-mail, then comes mailing list archives

2 - The car just got a new catalytic converter. Do you know what happens when your catalytic converter gets plugged? It's not nice - the symptoms are very similar to being low on transmission fluid, or having a dying transmission.

3 - Gevalia sells very nice coffee, thank you. (For some reason I'm doing coffee for my daily beverage today.)

(insert 45 minute pause)

4 - I just had a phone interview with a head-hunter. Hmm, this could get interesting. The position would probably require a pay-cut, but it would be with a ~400 employee company, largest in its industry and growing. And the position would be much more of a generalist position.

5 - I've got one to two hundred day-lily seeds I'm going to try to plant next year.

6 - I was just reminded that I'm about to get Minn-StF new laser-printer delivered today. Oops! Hmm - need to go do some work on that.
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Courtesy of [ profile] kalmn:

Librarything is looking for employees within an hour of Portland, ME.

  • Hacker. We're looking for PHP hacker. JavaScript genius and library-data experience. We hope we get two of those.

  • Graphic designer/user-experience guru. Experience designing for data-rich sites like LibraryThing a must.

  • Brainy, overworked assistant. Smart, flexible, organized, relentless—willing to do both high-level (strategic analysis) and low-level (send-out-these-CueCats) work. The job is non-technical, but you need to be super-comfortable around computers.

If you recommend someone they hire, you'll get $1000 to spend on books. [ profile] kalmn & I would each like a book as our commission if someone gets a job because we pointed this out. :-)
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For anyone who's interested:

This week and next week - M-F 7:00-3:30
Starting 1 June (probably actually 29 May) - MTThF 7:00-5:30
Starting 1 July (probably) - SMT(altW) 7AM-7PM

They've got a very strict Internet usage policy, so I'm almost certainly not going to be able to do LJ from work - which means I'll be cutting way back. This probably means I'll be cutting way back on practically all my on-line stuff!
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It was a Minicon.

Details under the cut )
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After working 9AM-6PM for five years, followed by about five months of 8:30-5:00, I'm now working 7:30-4:00. And yesterday, today, tomorrow, and Tuesday I'm working 7:00-4:00. I'm not used to getting up that early in the morning! I'll get used to it sooner or later, but in the meantime, I'm feeling a touch on the exhausted side.


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