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LJ is currently in's Domain Block list!


Jan. 14th, 2012 05:50 pm
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I just turned on Dreamwidth cross-posting to LJ.

If I use a client to post to DW, will it get posted to LJ?


Nov. 20th, 2011 07:08 pm
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This is a blogging client test.
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I just got in to LJ for the first time since Sunday night.

OK, maybe I didn't.

For a moment, I was seeing posts from 7/17 and earlier. None of my posts after that - of which there should have been several.

But that was while the page was still loading. When it 'finished' loading, I got the 'server is taking too long' response. And now that's all I'm getting.

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Does Livejournal have a duplicate posts filter of any kind on the posting side? I.e., if I make two identical posts some period of time apart, can it somehow automagically ignore the second one? If so, what turns it on / triggers it? Or how can I turn it off?
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This is starting to annoy me.

I made either two or three attempts at Daily Dragon Post earlier today - two through Semagic, one through the LJ Post form. And they're all not showing on my Recent Posts page! I'm logged in, I've cleared my cache and started Firefox over. I'm reaching the end of my rope on this one.

Anyone have any thoughts?

ETA: And I tried again from Semagic after I posted this, and it worked. {throws up hands}
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After Duckon, at Skip=840, I am finally caught up with LJ. This was back to sometime last Thursday.

I'll post about my weekend tomorrow.
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I'd managed to not read LJ since Wednesday evening - something about driving up to Duluth on Thursday, back on Friday, the Minn-StF Picnic on Saturday, and Ladies Sewing Circle at my house on Sunday. I'm surprised - I expected to hit skip=1000 and not be far enough back.
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Skip = 940

I hadn't actually had a chance to read LJ since Wednesday afternoon or evening. I spent most of today getting caught up - glad it was a slow day at work!
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I finally got caught up.

I hadn't read any LJ since Thursday night - first it was Minicon, where I was too cheap to pay for internet access. Then, when I might have read LJ Monday afternoon, I was working instead. Yes, I'm supposed to be on vacation - but work called about 8:45 with 'if you come in and work 12-7 this afternoon, we'll give you 11.5 hours of vacation to make up for it'. I said yes. Then went to the Dessicated Dodo party after work, and came home sufficiently late that I read no LJ then either.


Nov. 15th, 2007 02:13 pm
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For anyone who's interested, I've added the Minnesota Public Radio Classical Notes blog as an LJ feed at [ profile] mpr_clsscl_nts.
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I've just gone through my quarterly "now where is the Syndication page again?" search.

Every time I do this I get incredibly frustrated, aggravated, and angry. I can never find the page in a place that is obvious to me. It isn't in the menus at the top or bottom of my profile page. I can't find it on the "More... (Full Sitemap)". How it can be described as a full sitemap when it has no reference to Syndication is beyond me! I always end up finding it by going to the FAQs, finding the section on Syndication, and then going through the answers item by item, following each link to see if it gets me where I want to be.

At least I remember that it's called Syndication. The first couple of times I went searching for it, I started by searching for feeds, or RSS. That made the problem much worse.

Yes, I have submitted something to Suggestions about it. Now to see if anything happens - it looked like the consensus was positive on my last suggestion (hook it up to the Syndication icon on your profile page), but that hasn't happened yet.


Nov. 1st, 2007 02:29 pm
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Aren't they cute?
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If you're going to do the "Your Dream Home" meme, could you please cut-tag it? It reliably breaks my Friends page.
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Anyone know of RSS Feeds for Banter Latte ( and 1KaDay ( I'd love to syndicate them on LJ, but I can't figure out what they are. :-(


Sep. 17th, 2007 08:55 pm
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courtesy of [ profile] celticdragonfly:

Passing on the PSA from [personal profile] jenna_thorn

LJ/6A is mining for information. They've forgotten to tell us about it and it's an opt out, rather than an opt-in.

Catt has more info and instructions to opt out.

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Thanks, [ profile] iraunink!

I'm here for the community - I don't see my 300+ friends and 20+ communities leaving en masse for somewhere else - maybe by ones and twos, but the big draw for me is the consolidation aspect of my Friends page. Also, [ profile] supergee raised an interesting point - by giving 6Apart money, I've got at least a little more right to scream, as compared to the advertisers.

Anyone want about two months of Paid Account?
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  • 6 Apart screwed up.

  • It looks like they're trying to fix it.

  • I'm hoping that fixing it includes getting some legal training so that they know what their actual liabilities are.

  • I'm very unlikely to leave.

The only reason I'm on LJ is for my friends list - I got a journal because a lot of my friends had journals, and it got to be too much of a pain to track them individually. It was my community of friends that brought me here, and it is that same community that is keeping me here. I'm not leaving until one of two things happens - either I am no longer able (for reasons of time, money, or whatever) to be involved on-line, or too many of those friends leave.


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