Civic Duty

Nov. 5th, 2013 08:27 am
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[ profile] iraunink and I voted on my way to work this morning. We got to our polling place maybe two minutes before it opened - we were sixth and seventh in line. There was one person in front of us to sign the book - most of the line ended up in the A-F line. We filled out our ballots, and fed them to the counting machine - I was the third ballot counted, she was the fourth.
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Early this morning I had a nasty cramp in my right calf - the muscle locked up tight as a drum. That was one of the nice fringe benefits of being married, [ profile] iraunink rubbed it out for me. My leg still hurts, but it should walk out in the next couple of hours.
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I took yesterday off, and took [ profile] iraunink to the Friend's School Plant Sale. I think this is the seventh year we've gone. Out of bed at 5:30, in line to pick up our wrist-bands about 6:30, got the wrist-bands shortly after 7:00, off to breakfast at Burger King, back for opening at 9:00 (they moved that up an hour - previous years it was 10:00). We were in the second group, we got in the door about 9:05 or 9:10, and were in our car driving away by 9:45. We got hosta, daylilies, tomatoes, various herbs, geraniums, ageratum, and a couple of coleus.

We ran a couple of errands on the way home, and then [ profile] iraunink went back to bed. I went off and got a surface cavity filled in the mid-afternoon. Other than that, it was a very low-key day.

Today, [ profile] iraunink is having a dead day. I have gamers showing up shortly, and that will keep me busy until dinnertime.

Other things to be done this weekend - four loads of laundry (load one is currently in the dryer, load two is in the washing machine), and some mailing list clean-up. Tomorrow should be a nice low-key day for me - [ profile] iraunink may plant some of yesterday's loot.
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From her post here:

I have a short story (9,280 words) that is ready to send out to beta-readers.

Take two parts Wooster and Jeeves , one part ‘The Mouse That Roared’, and a dash of Inspector Clouseau. Pour into a spaceship and shake vigorously.

Anyone interested?

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But nothing awful - this is all computer related stuff.

For the Twin Cities locals, the bad news is we're not happy with Que Computers )
The good news is Newegg is shipping us an ASUS EEE 1001 - 1GB/160GB, and an 80MB Western Digital drive.


I just checked - looks like they're shipping as two boxes, economy shipping from Memphis, TN, turned over the the shipper late today. No ETA yet, I'm guessing Wed-Fri.

A look back

Jan. 1st, 2010 09:26 am
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At the popular decade. Which is kind of nice to use right now, because ten years ago was before a major life milestone.

At this time ten years ago, I believe I was asleep. I'd been to the Minn-StF New Year's Eve Party at Dreampark the night before, I was headed for Larry Sanderson's Hair-of-the-Dog Party that afternoon. [ profile] daedala was renting my spare room.

I was a single 40-year-old male with no romantic prospects. I was nine months in to a free year on (I wonder if they're still around? ... Yep - they've changed their focus somewhat, but are still there!) that was being really depressing. I'd been sending probably 2-3 'hello's' each week - I'd gotten maybe 5 replies, and actually met 1 lady in person. It wasn't working out.

In about 2.5 months I'd start corresponding with [ profile] iraunink. In three months I'd meet her. In just over ten months we'd get married. I had no idea this was coming. (I have a joke about this - if someone had told me on Valentine's Day 2000 that I'd be celebrating Valentine's Day 2001 with my wife, I'd have told them they were crazy.)

Yes, there's some bad stuff that happened in the past ten years - diagnosed with Large Granular Lymphocyte Leukemia, lost a job, currently working at a job I'm having a hard time coping with. But that's all dwarfed by the wonderful changes my lovely wife [ profile] iraunink caused.

I hope the next ten years are as good as the last.
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The promised baby pictures - click on the picture to see more:

We got a new dog bed (pardon the pun) - again, click the picture to see more:
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Valentine's Day was a weekend day for me. We got out of the house about 1:30pm to run errands.

Drop off Naomi's Birthday Present
Drop off stuff at [ profile] bernesemntdog & [ profile] kosmickitten's, visit with Baby Irene
Liquor Store
Cub Foods
JoAnn Fabrics
Hancock Fabrics

We got dinner at CostCo & Byerly's - assorted shrimp appetizers, lobster bisque & Beef Wellington at CostCo, individual-sized raspberry cheesecake & creme brulee at Byerly's. It was a really good dinner!

We also got a new rice cooker, [ profile] iraunink got some fabric, alcoholic contributions for the Minn-StF Pool Party, and some everyday groceries.

It was a nice day!
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[ profile] iraunink's laptop (an IBM Thinkpad) died the other day. It looked like it was starting Windows, then went black, and nothing happened. When I tried to boot it in Safe Mode, it got to the fourth or fifth line, and died. :-(

I ended up finding a package that would test the hard-drive, and it found some very dead clusters. Marked bad, now I'm doing a Windows reinstall. It's currently pulling down WinXP Service Pack 2 - or trying to. I anticipate that getting Service Packs will be a big part of what I'm spending time on tomorrow.

At some point in the near future, we should get a new hard-drive for it. Anyone have a 2.5" PATA drive they don't need any more? Anything less than 100GB should be good.
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On Page 16, Lot 216 of this document, it says:
Quilt-on-a-Stick: Must be a rectangle 8”w x 9”h, any theme or construction method, hand or machine quilted by entrant. Quilt backing must include a centered, vertical sleeve in which a paint stick has been inserted

[ profile] iraunink is planning on making one.
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to my lovely [ profile] iraunink!

Today is our 7th Anniversary. Tomorrow we're hosting the Minn-StF Meeting, which is also our anniversary party. Everyone is welcome to show up!

For anniversary presents this year, I gave [ profile] iraunink a three-year magazine subscription, and she gave me about a quarter of an LJ Permanent Account. And we're both very happy with our presents!

Busy Day

Aug. 22nd, 2007 07:00 pm
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[ profile] iraunink & I took gave her parents their early / late Christmas present (they said it had to be for both 2006 & 2007) - we all went to see Les Misérables at Chanhassen Dinner Theater. We did the Wednesday matinée (which does have the advantage of being the cheapest - OK, tied with Saturday matinée for the cheapest - seating available) - seating started at 11AM, show started at 1PM and finished about 4PM. We all enjoyed it!
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Well, we didn't have any damage. The four-foots insisted on having us up from 3AM-5AM - I got the first half, [ profile] iraunink got the second half. We got about an inch of water.

[ profile] kosmickitten & [ profile] bernesemntdog had significantly greater problems. One of their trees fell down - nasty damage to his car, her windshield cracked, their house has some roof damage. Oh, and there are pieces of the Arts & Crafts Building in their front yard.
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Prompted by Henry on Eureka saying 'any man who says he understands women is either naive or a liar', my lovely [ profile] iraunink asked me, "Do you understand women?" I replied "No, I just have some routines for dealing with them - they're kind of like black boxes. With this input, I get that output."

This almost had her rolling on the floor - literally.
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We're going to have flax in the front yard this year. Given that [ profile] iraunink is going to take the seeds and cast them upon the ground, we're likely to have more next year. As we understand it, this is the stuff you can use to make linen thread.

Anyone want some? Anyone know of someone who'd like some?
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Yesterday about 12N I went off and printed Einblatt. I stopped at Uncle Hugo's on the way home, getting home about 12:45-12:50.

About 1:45-2:15, [ profile] iraunink headed out to visit the elder son. She didn't get very far - when she tried to start the car, it went click-click-chunk. I tried, same thing. We found a service station that was open - they sent the tow-truck over, took the car away, and called us back about 45-60 minutes later.

The engine has seized.

So, now we get to figure out what we're going to do about it. The car is a 1995 Chevy Lumina, and is (we believe) in OK shape with two major exceptions. The obvious exception is the engine - the other is the fact that (as I see it) it's going to need a new transmission in the nearish future. (It frequently won't go in to Reverse quickly - a wait of 10-50 seconds, or revving the engine, is required.) So, do we pay for the engine, and try to keep space in the emergency budget for a new transmission, or do we get a new (or at least new to us) car?

The service guy is going to get us quotes on Monday for an engine - one for used, one for new. I wonder if new = rebuilt?

I'm guessing that we're looking at $3000-4000 for the engine and transmission - fortunately not all at once! As information - we got the car free from [ profile] iraunink's sister. They'd bought it brand new, and had put a new transmission in at about 60,000 miles. We got it at about 120,000 miles. It's been getting reasonable to good maintenance, regular oil changes, and hasn't been involved in any major accidents.

Anyone have any insight, opinions, whatever as to what we should do? I'm really hoping to have a functioning vehicle ASAP - busing to work, while possible, is a pain!
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Here are pictures of Irene's Scraps Too Small To Save quilt.
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was Osmo Vanska directs Mahler at Orchestra Hall!
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My darling wife, [ profile] iraunink, is asking for input on writing groups in a post here. This is her second writing group - her first experience with one was, to put it frankly, awful.

I think part of the problem was that the first group could not distinguish between 'I like this', 'this works', and 'this is done well'.
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Welcome to my darling wife, [ profile] iraunink!


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