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Next year, if the ground is not clear and dry on Christmas Day, I'm making [ profile] iraunink take the dogs out.

I took the dogs out Christmas morning - and slipped on the ice on the front stairs. Three small abrasions on my right hand, a bruise about the length of my hand and half the width about half-way down my rib cage on the right side, and an abrasion about the size of my palm on the outside of my right thigh, inside a bruise the size of my hand. The bruise on the ribs hurts when I press on it, when I draw a deep breath, when I cough or sneeze or blow my nose. The abrasion on my thigh hurts when it gets pressed on.

I went to see my doctor this afternoon - he said that there's no sign of any serious damage to the ribs there. So, I'm looking at weeks of healing there - it won't be fully healed until at least mid-February. He says the damage on my thigh should be better in a couple-three weeks.

He gave me a prescription for hydrocodone-acetaminophen.
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Friday night was grocery shopping.

Saturday was [ profile] iraunink's mother's Christmas Party in the afternoon, putting pork shoulder in the crockpots for pulled pork, and an anniversary party.

Sunday was shredding the pork, reducing the liquid for use this coming Saturday, three loads of laundry, and my first ever risotto. [ profile] iraunink declared we could do risotto again.
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Happy Newtonfest to all!
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We went to Don & Margo's (WANOLJ) for Thanksgiving. We brought mashed potatoes (pre-made from CostCo) and roasted root veggies (onions, carrots, beets, parsnips, turnips, rutabaga, diced, drizzled with olive oil, seasoned w/ salt, pepper, and cumin, roasted at 425F for 45 minutes). [ profile] cowfan & [ profile] fmsv brought pumpkin & apples pies, John & Jean brought cheese & crackers. Gin & Julie were also there. It was fun.

Now I'm home, I've taken the four-foots for a walk, I need to take evening meds. I'm planning on getting up somewhat early tomorrow (we'll see if the alarm or the four-foots wake me up first) to see if the one Black Friday deal which was at all tempting is still available. I'm not betting on it, but I'm willing to invest some effort in it. I'm not willing to shop today!
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Thanksgiving Day we went over to Don & Margo's, where we were joined by Virginia, John & Jeanne, Dean & Laura, and Julie & Deanna. Nice Thanksgiving Dinner.

Black Friday I hosted gaming - Don & Margo, Martin S., and Kevin A. came over. First Don & Margo & Martin & I played Quarriors, then all five of us played to games of Wizards. Don won Quarriors, I won both the games of Wizards.

Saturday was a quiet day at home - computer, TV watching, not much else.

Today was laundry and more turkey - we made a nearly 20 pound bird, with ~1 pound of garlic (inspired by Chicken w/ 40 cloves of garlic). Jake, Erin & AJ came over to join us. After dinner we played a game of Quirkle - Erin & Jake ended up tying for first place.

The laundry is done enough - I'm headed for bed shortly.
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So, I finally got around to ordering Mom's Christmas present. Yeah, I should have done it 2.5 months ago, ah well.

I'm checking out, and I fill in a gift message on the billing & shipping info page. There's no warning that gift messages are alpha only - I put a ! on the end. And I get an error. I delete the !, and try to continue. As near as I can tell, because I deleted the ! and hence resubmitted the page, it created an exact duplicate of my shipping address. And it won't let me proceed without assigning at least one item to each shipping address.

OK, I use the 'go back to billing & shipping info', where the second billing address is now listed, and hit the 'delete address' link. It goes away. I continue on to Review Order - and it's back!

{several muttered curses}

I empty my cart, close the Public Radio Market tabs, and exit Firefox.

I restart Firefox and try to start over.

The idiots have installed a persistent cookie! The Ghu-damned site is remembering the bogus shipping address!

OK, put one item in each shipping address.

{mrfl, mrfl} site is going to charge me two shipping charges!

I give up. I go do it all over again in Chrome, but don't put a "!" in this time. And everything works perfectly.

I have sent their customer service two e-mail about this experience. One of them included SHOUTING! And the fact that if it wasn't for my Mom, I would have given up after the failure to delete the duplicate address. And I told them that the right thing to do was not to require something in each address, but rather to ask for verification that the unused address was unused on purpose, and then delete it and continue.
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Merry Christmas to one and all!

I get to finally go to bed in about two hours, then I'll sleep for ~six hours, then I'm off to a party.

I hope everyone has fun with their Christmas!
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Monday I agreed to temporarily work the graveyard shift. This is Tuesday through Saturday, 10pm to 8:30am, except Wednesday I start at 12:00am Thursday. This is until he gets more head-count, so he can hire people who want a graveyard shift. This could be anywhere between a couple of weeks, and around late May.

I'll have to get a new watch - I'll need one has day-of-the-week on it. I know this from past experience - graveyard shift rapidly destroys all my sense of what day it is, and it will take me years to recover - it took somewhere between 10 and 15 years last time.

Wednesday was gaming - we rescued a bunch of IB's, but not all of them, and two of the three big bad guys got away. Along with a number of their nefarious experiments.

Thursday we went to Thanksgiving at Don & Margo's (WANOLJ). Also in attendance were [ profile] fmsv, [ profile] cowfan, [ profile] jolest, Jeanne, Gin, Julie, and Deanna (WAANOLJ).

Friday we made Turkey with 4+ Heads of Garlic. A 13 lb. bird, put about 2/3rds of the garlic inside and the rest outside, rubbed down with olive oil, sprinkled with thyme, kosher salt, and fresh-ground black pepper. Baked until it was falling-off-the-bones. We ate 2/3rds of a baguette, cut in about 1/4" slices, liberally smeared with the roasted garlic; and the drumsticks and thighs. The rest went into the refrigerator or freezer to be left-over turkey or stock-starter.

Then we went to [ profile] ambartil's birthday party, where much fun was had by all. (Hey, [ profile] ambartil - you promised to update your bio!)
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Courtesy of [ profile] epbot

That's some costume!
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And now I'm off to work eight hours.
sraun: Hallowed Hunt Cover (bad santa hat portrait) Christmas Light Recycling Program

Don't want to throw your old incandescent lights in the trash? Send them to us and we will recycle them for you and send you a coupon for 15% off.

*The recycling program is now open. The program will conclude at the end of February 2010.


Dec. 23rd, 2007 02:19 pm
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It does look like the elder step-daughter no longer considers me the source of all evil. I am ... relieved.

Today is the kind of day where I wish I lived a house with a cathedral ceiling wall of windows (at least triple-pane, of course!) with a huge fieldstone fireplace in the center. So I could sit and watch the wonderful blowing snow through the windows around the roaring fire.

I really do like winter.

Lets see, what else is there - last night was the family Christmas with [ profile] iraunink's family. [ profile] kosmickitten & [ profile] bernesemntdog hosted - it was her first turkey, she mixed recipes. Unfortunately, she took the temperature from the shorter cooking time recipe, and the time from the longer cooking time recipe, and didn't monitor the internal temperature closely enough. It was good, but a little dry. [ profile] iraunink & I got a Hogfather DVD! We're happy about that - I've been watching it over my shoulder at work today.

Speaking of work - 7-7 today and tomorrow (Christmas Eve), then 7AM-3PM on Christmas Day. Then four days off, followed by two weeks of 'work every day except Saturday' (except that I don't work New Year's Day). The days I wouldn't normally work, I'll be working 4 hour days to cover for my co-worker who's in Sri Lanka getting married - he's due back the 16th. Add in another OT day on the 18th, and I should be able to buy myself a Nokia N810 come early February.
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The big Family Christmas for [ profile] iraunink's side was last night - it would normally have been tonight, but was moved back a day for a reason that I've forgotten. [ profile] kosmickitten & [ profile] bernesemntdog hosted, also in attendance were Fred ([ profile] bernesemntdog's father), [ profile] iraunink's parents (called G&G as a unit, or Grandma and Grandpa by everyone else - I've temporarily forgotten their names), Andrea (the former significant other of the eldest son) and AJ (the grand-son), and Monica and Flavin. Interesting conversation, good food (ham, panettone, potatoes au gratin, cornbread, fruit salad, Key Lime pie, Dutch Apple pie, sweet & spice pickled garlic, pickled asparagus, pickled herring in wine sauce, black and ripe olives, broccoli cauliflower celery and carrots with dip), many presents. AJ got a Lightning McQueen car - that was the last box opened, by his mother's decree. No one had to pay any attention to him after that, only to where the car was - and make certain their feet were out of the way. It was a definite hit!

The most amazing bit of present-giving to me was that Monica and Flavin actually gave me a present! It was a bunch of Altoids.

Other highlights - [ profile] iraunink filled in the volumes from Diane Duane's Wizardry series that I was missing. I gave her an Easter Island Tissue Box Cover (follow the link - it's almost as good as the voodoo knife holder I gave her last year). [ profile] kosmickitten got Margarita glasses, [ profile] bernesemntdog got Apples to Apples. We're giving G&G dinner, a Minnesota Orchestra concert, and transportation - we gave them a list of the concerts we've got for the rest of the year, they get to pick which one. [ profile] iraunink got an egg tree - she collects carved stone eggs, this holds bunch of them. [ profile] bernesemntdog got a tool box and a scrapbooking box, [ profile] kosmickitten got a digital camera (one of the complicated ones that takes attachable lenses, along with at least one lens and some other attachments) - past that, I kind of lost track. Oh, I got a fountain pen display case from [ profile] kosmickitten & [ profile] bernesemntdog.
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It was a Minicon.

Details under the cut )
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is starting relatively slowly - I got up about 8:00, let the dogs out, and made breakfast for Irene. Then I made breakfast for me, and then did the final prep work for the dinner's main dish. [ profile] kosmickitten finally got around to asking what we were having, so - Menu and Prep Comments )

[ profile] kosmickitten & [ profile] bernesemntdog should be showing up 2ish. Monica, Flavin and Jake are all maybe stopping by sometime this afternoon or evening. We're having a low-key Thanksgiving!
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Gakked from [ profile] elorie and [ profile] kate_nepveu, seen on a few other LJ's

Instructions )

My Wish List )

My e-mail address is on my LJ UserInfo page, my mailing address is on my website (linked from my LJ UserInfo page). Someone added 'if you are participating in this meme, post a link to your wish list in the comments here so I can find it' - sounds like a good idea to me!


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