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May. 10th, 2015 02:50 pm
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I took Friday off to go to the Friends School Plant Sale with [ profile] iraunink. We got a rhododendron, some hosta, a couple of daylilies, a bunch of marigolds, some basil, and a mint. She's trying to get a bunch of that in the ground today - the rhododendron is apparently seriously root-bound, so she's dealing with that.

Don & Margo are moving to Washington state, leaving later this week. We'll miss them - they've been our Thursday night dinner companions for many years now. Saturday he came over for games - we were joined by Pat B., John S., David & Erin, and Peer. Don, Peer & I played a game of Quarriors while waiting for everyone else to show up, then we played RoboRally. It was fun, if longer than we initially planned. We declared Peer the winner. Margo came over before we were done, but after she was done playing duplicate bridge - we ordered Chinese delivered for dinner.

As previously mentioned, [ profile] iraunink is planting today. She's currently off trying to find her notebook - she thinks she maybe left it at the Baker's Square she had lunch at yesterday. I'm doing laundry and will be doing dishes later.
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I've been up about 33 hours at this point. I'm not used to that any more.

I got up about 10:30am on Sunday and started onions caramelizing in the crockpot - they got turned on about 11:30am. This is supposed to take ~10 hours, it normally runs me 12-14. 24 hours later, they were done. And I really couldn't just go to sleep on them - I wasn't certain when they were going to finish.

After they finished, I ran errands. I came home with lunch, then [ profile] iraunink and I ran errands. I'm going to bed - I have to get up about 6am tomorrow. Errands included haircut, boot shopping, picking up prescriptions, ordering glasses (3 pair for me, 1 pair for [ profile] iraunink), and shopping for a new media center. More on that last in a later bottle.
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Last night was bi-weekly grocery shopping. Today is Minn-StF Archive Sorting, Minn-StF Board Meeting, and Midian Library Unpacking. Tomorrow is gaming for me, and a baby shower for [ profile] iraunink. And laundry.

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Did I mention going to [ profile] papersky's signing at Uncle Hugo's on Sunday? I had a delightful time at it and the meal at the Java Restaurant afterwards (let's see - attended by me, [ profile] papersky, Z (who's LJ handle I've forgotten), [ profile] iraunink, [ profile] naomikritzer, [ profile] carbonel, [ profile] arkuat, [ profile] lydy, [ profile] dd_b, and [ profile] pameladean - I would have sworn there were eleven of us, but I can't think of who the eleventh person was).

Have I mentioned I really like my doctor? )

Wednesday was the weekly Spirit of the Century gaming - Don, Steve W, Dave M (WANOLJ that I know of) and me - we were missing Martin. We were headed into the Amazon jungle, near what is now the border between Colombia and Brazil. We have encountered the Un-Aging Golden Emperor of Rome. This could get interesting.

Thursday was dinner with Don - no Margo, she wasn't feeling well. We cooked an 11 pound bone-in ham.

Friday was dinner with [personal profile] kalmn and her SO (does he have an LJ/DW account?). That was pasta with red sauce, diced ham (left-overs) and green beans, and they brought garlic bread and dessert. Good dinner.

Today was grocery shopping, laundry, and assorted kitchen clean-up. Shopping included Penzey's - we got a free bottle of Cinnamon Sugar, Mural of Flavor, Sunny Paris, Chinese Five-Spice Powder, Bouquet Garni and Italian Herb Mix. Tonight is supposed to be starting caramelized onions in the crock-pot, and Sunday I'm making French Market Soup in the crockpot with the left over ham bone.
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Saturday we met mom in Hinckley at 1pm for lunch. On the way, we dropped off peonies at [info]iraunink's for sister Monica, and stopped at North Branch Outlets and bought a carry-on suitcase and a new kitchen timer - the old one finally died after a nasty fall about three years ago. On the way back, we stopped at a rental place, and rented a gasoline-powered augur / post-hole digger.

I used the augur to finis off digging the holes for the ginkgo and the forsythia we bought a couple of weeks ago. This went mostly OK - the augur did get caught on a big tree root and ran away on me. The spinning top caught me in the hands a couple of times, but did not appear to do any serious damage. I went to bed having taken ibuprofen, and slept for twelve hours.

This morning, I decided I was still in enough pain in my right hand that I was concerned, so I returned the augur, and then went off to Urgent Care. The doctor listened to my description, poked and prodded and had me move my hand, and had me x-rayed. The diagnosis was bad strain/sprain - ibuprofen, ice, and brace. Unfortunately, it seem I have left my brace at work. :(

I've also got what is going to be a very pretty bruise covering a generous third of the back of my left hand, a slight strain/sprain below my right shoulder, and a small scrape just below my right elbow.

On the positive side, the ginkgo is in the ground now!
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but I didn't think I was exhausted!

Let's see - reasonable sleep Sunday & Monday, about six hours on Tuesday, then up for book group - The Coyote Kings of the Space-Age Bachelor Pad - the book is not really my thing, I didn't finish it before the discussion, I may finish it yet. Then again, I may not. Then home, lied down for another hour, off to work. Got home, fell asleep about 12:30pm, woke up about 8pm for fluid transfers, went back to sleep, finally woke up about 1am. I seem to have slept the clock around - which was not the schedule! I wanted to be up Thursday afternoon for Minicon prep! Well, that may happen yet.
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I slept 16 hours yesterday - which was about 5 more than I was really expecting.

The Minn-StF Meeting went well - IIRC, we ended up with about 28 people, the last person left about 10pm. The pulled pork, potato & cauliflower curry, and chocolate fondue all went over well. I'm less certain about the guacamole and french onion dip - the fact that there was some of each left may have spoken more to the amount of other stuff than that were actively disliked.
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Let's see:

Thursday morning I had an MRI of my brain. This was part of my most recent Cardia visit - I spent an hour flat on my back in a tube just a little bigger than me. They did provide a support to hold my legs bent - I don't know if this was a win or not. I did come out with a fair amount of lower back pain. It mostly walked/ worked out between walking to the car and driving home. I took three Ibuprofen and went to bed - the pain was totally gone when I got up.

Friday morning I got home from work and went out to do some frozen water removal (mixed ice & slush). Unfortunately, there was this nice patch of glare ice that I slipped on. I slipped, landed on my ass, flopped back and bounced my head off the concrete. OUCH! More ibuprofen, made certain [ profile] iraunink woke me up about three hours later. No sign of concussion, there's still this distinct pain in my rear end, especially when I'm putting all my weight on one leg and stretching for something. Still no sign of a bruise.

Friday night we went to the Minn-StF New Year's Eve at Doug's. Lousy turnout, but we enjoyed it.

Saturday we went to [ profile] prettymuchpeggy's birthday party & housewarming, and [ profile] lsanderson's Hair of the Dog party. Both were fun.

I did laundry in the wee hours of Sunday morning. The visiting dog went home about 4pm. And Don B and Gin N (WANOLJ) came over, and we played several games of Race for the Galaxy. Much fun!
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When I last said anything about my life, it was was about 10:15am on Christmas Day and I was headed for bed.

I slept for 5-6 hours, got up, and went to a party. The party was much fun - lots of good conversation, and two rubbers of bridge. The second rubber took forever, but that was just fine.

Came home from the party, did laundry, got caught up on DW/LJ/e-mail, etc., and went to bed about 4:30-5:00am on Boxing Day. Got up at 10am, went to [ profile] iraunink's family Christmas at her mother's. That was fun. It was 12N-2:30. Came home, let the dogs out, was headed for bed, my dad called - we talked for 45 minutes. Then I went to sleep - must have been about 5pm. I just got up again about a half-hour ago - I guess it was only eight hours. Current plan is to be up about 8 hours, and then try to go back to bed - that should get me back on a good sleep schedule for work.
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Monday I agreed to temporarily work the graveyard shift. This is Tuesday through Saturday, 10pm to 8:30am, except Wednesday I start at 12:00am Thursday. This is until he gets more head-count, so he can hire people who want a graveyard shift. This could be anywhere between a couple of weeks, and around late May.

I'll have to get a new watch - I'll need one has day-of-the-week on it. I know this from past experience - graveyard shift rapidly destroys all my sense of what day it is, and it will take me years to recover - it took somewhere between 10 and 15 years last time.

Wednesday was gaming - we rescued a bunch of IB's, but not all of them, and two of the three big bad guys got away. Along with a number of their nefarious experiments.

Thursday we went to Thanksgiving at Don & Margo's (WANOLJ). Also in attendance were [ profile] fmsv, [ profile] cowfan, [ profile] jolest, Jeanne, Gin, Julie, and Deanna (WAANOLJ).

Friday we made Turkey with 4+ Heads of Garlic. A 13 lb. bird, put about 2/3rds of the garlic inside and the rest outside, rubbed down with olive oil, sprinkled with thyme, kosher salt, and fresh-ground black pepper. Baked until it was falling-off-the-bones. We ate 2/3rds of a baguette, cut in about 1/4" slices, liberally smeared with the roasted garlic; and the drumsticks and thighs. The rest went into the refrigerator or freezer to be left-over turkey or stock-starter.

Then we went to [ profile] ambartil's birthday party, where much fun was had by all. (Hey, [ profile] ambartil - you promised to update your bio!)
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Just ordered tickets for [ profile] iraunink and me to The Christmas Music of Mannheim Steamroller by Chip Davis, 4 December at 8pm at the Orpheum.
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Monday a week ago (the 11th), my boss came to us and said "I need two people to work Sunday-Thursday and two to work Tuesday-Saturday, starting October 17th." Normal shift - 7am-4pm - all five days. There are only six of us, one started three weeks after the rest of us and is obviously not ready for solo weekend work, and the lead should probably be one of the Monday-Friday. Obviously, I was going to have to work a weekend day.

I jumped in volunteering for Tuesday-Saturday. That way I get home about 4:30, we head off to Minn-StF (arriving anywhere between 5:00 and 6:00, depending on factors I don't control), and not have to be leaving at 8pm to be getting at 5am to be at work at 7am. With luck, I'll be able to get off this shift in a few months. We'll see what happens.

This worked out nicely for Conjecture - I'd put in to be off October 18th, but didn't have to take it because I got a three-day weekend out of the shift change. One of my colleagues and I swapped today (10/23) and tomorrow (10/24) because I had something today that I'd had scheduled for a month that would be awful to try to move on short notice. Worked out reasonably nicely.

Now I have to arrange to be off Saturday, December 18th - since I'm hosting the Minn-StF Meeting that day!

I renewed my drivers license and car tabs on Monday, 10/18. I was told I'd have my new license within a couple of weeks - I got it today.

Let's see - other than that? Oh, yeah - I really hate muscle cramps! I had a nice tight one in my right calf muscle in the wee hours this morning. [ profile] iraunink helped massage it out. It still hurt when I got up about 10am. We walked the dogs around the block just before noon - that helped. Then gamers came over, we had a fun session, [ profile] iraunink & I walked the dogs again - the muscle is much better now!
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Yesterday was games with Jonathan A & Don B (WANOLJ). We played Smallworld, Iron Dragon and Race for the Stars. Don was the runaway winner at Smallworld, he won Iron Dragon by 2-3 turns, and I won Race for the Stars, beating him by less than 10%. We ordered dinner in from Fat Lorenzo's, which Margo B (WINOLJ) & [ profile] iraunink joined us. It was a fun day.

Today I'm working 7am-7pm, and will be running off for an hour this afternoon to Don B's Birthday Party.

Tomorrow I work 3pm-11pm.

Tuesday I work 7am-7pm.

I've been asked if I can work any extra/overtime this coming week - I'll have to talk to [ profile] iraunink about it.
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This is my "I'm on it, or wild horses couldn't keep me from attending it" list.

7pm - Opening Ceremonies
8pm - Cyberspace: Mental watering hole, or black hole for today's generation?

4pm - Reading: Sharon Lee and Steven Miller (This is a wild horses event.)
7pm - E-books - Like them or dislike them?
8pm - On-Line Fandom - How hard is it to nurture?

8am - FoL Breakfast (This is a wild horses event.)
10am - Fhannish Life and How it Positively Influences the Mundane Life
12pm - Fledgling - a Liaden book. Discussion
1pm - Literature on the Internet
3pm - Closing Ceremonies
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I'm caught up on LJ & DW. I'm caught up on I've done my weekly job-hunt stuff. I've lost one game of Iron Dragon, and am about half-way through another. I have just over seven hours left until I can go home.

Bored. Bored. Bored.

Things to do - lunch (in about five minutes). Afternoon break (about 3:30). More Iron Dragon. Update the Civ and Money Tracking spreadsheets. Maybe get caught up on Baen's Bar?

Anyone have any suggestions? I suppose I could log in to gchat - I'm fyreopal there.
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Wednesday was my Saturday. I ran to the Hyatt at the south end of Nicollet Mall for a job fair hosted by Monster. It was about as productive as any of the one's I went to in the past - which is to say, not very. I stopped on the way home and bought SpellCrash by Kelly McCollough. Had gamers over in the evening.

Thursday I talked to a head-hunter, and stopped to buy gas & groceries on the way back. I was supposed to be meeting another head-hunter, but she ended up out ill Thursday and Friday. I also picked up copies of Mouse and Dragon and The Dragon Variation by Sharon Lee & Steve Miller. Will need to take them along to Duckon to be signed. Don & Margo (WANOLJ) came over for dinner. Oh, and did two loads of laundry.

Friday I cooked and did laundry. Three more loads (the last has just finished drying now). I made Barbecued Beans (my standard recipe, available upon request) and Curry Turkey Meatloaf. We had the beans for dinner, and just tossed the meatloaf in the refrigerator (this was the plan).

Today (my Sunday) is cleaning in the kitchen. We had cold meatloaf sandwiches for lunch. Oh, and I'm helping [ profile] iraunink with some gardening stuff. I may end up making hummus.
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For my fellow Twin Citians - is it raining where you are?

As some of you know, we had a run-in with a guard-rail on our way home from Christmas with [ profile] iraunink's mother last night. Mad dash across three lanes of highway, both front & back bumpers hit the guard-rail. No deployment of air-bags, a small bump on my wife's head, a broken finger-nail on my part. Just a single car accident - we were in a traffic gap. We've been watching for signs of concussion, haven't seen any.

We decided we really didn't want to leave the house today. Which was a problem, as we really need to go grocery shopping, so there wasn't much to eat. Fortunately, we found a Chinese restaurant that was delivering (Star Moon, near 48th & Chicago).

About 5pm, I declared that on second thought, I really wanted to move the car today. By Minneapolis Snow Emergency Rules, I'm not allowed to park in front of my house starting at 8am tomorrow, until either 8pm or the street is plowed "to the curb". Which means 8pm, because there's no way they're getting to the curb again this winter, which means I'm not going to be able to tell when. (OK, if it's a work-day, I'll park in front of my house when I get home about 7:30pm - but that's not tomorrow.) The plow did go down our street today - leaving about a two-foot wall of snow between my car and the street. Very wet snow. And the overnight forecast calls for lows in the mid- to low- 20's. That wall is going to turn rock-solid. So, I went out and moved it. Fortunately, the plow didn't leave a wall on the other side of the street!

We do need to make it out tomorrow in time to get the dogs to their hair-cuts at 10am.

I did manage to get my quota of Dragon Cave holiday specials today. Yay!
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Gee, it's been a while since I posted anything about life in general. Here's a catch-up post.
Details under the cut )
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I didn't have to go to work today! Yay! (Downside - I work 7am-7pm on Black Friday. I'm not certain this isn't a win.)

My weekend started on Wednesday - [ profile] iraunink & I picked up [ profile] elisem, and we went to Bakers Square for dinner.

Thursday [ profile] iraunink took me to Burger King for lunch, then we went to JoAnne Fabrics where she bought some yarn, and then Don & Margo (WANOLJ) came over our weekly dinner get-together. They brought pork-chops & mashed potatoes & a sweet bread for dessert, we provided salad, veggies, and whipped cream (to enhance the dessert).

Friday was a quiet day at home - we never made it out of the house.

Saturday was a Minn-StF Meeting at [ profile] fmsv & [ profile] cowfan's. Much fun was had with their Player Piano. I was very happy I didn't have to go home to go to work - we didn't leave until 1:30 Sunday morning, at which point the group around the Player Piano was still going strong. IIRC, I played 1-12 rolls myself.

Today was get woken up by the dogs about 11am, two loads of laundry, get caught up on computer stuff, not accomplish as much as I wanted. Dinner was Bellatoria Supreme Pizza and Turning Leaf Riesling wine. I'm shortly headed for bed.
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Today's the first day of my weekend - it would normally be a four-day weekend, but I'm taking Sunday off, so it'll be five days. And I'm going to busy!

So far this morning I got 16 pounds of pork shoulder roast into two crock-pots - they're going to cook for a long time. The intent is to shred them tomorrow for pulled pork sandwiches on Saturday. We just finished the grocery list. Next on the list is a dentist appointment for [ profile] iraunink, followed by lunch & free pie at Baker's Square, then grocery shopping - CostCo & Rainbow, maybe Cub. I have gamer's coming over tonight.

Tomorrow is the aforementioned food prep, maybe some more Parade of Homes, and KJ, Don & Margo (WANOLJ) come over for dinner.

Friday is cleaning. We have to get the house ready for the weekend. We may swap some cleaning to Thursday and do Parade of Homes on Friday afternoon.

Saturday we host the Minn-StF Meeting. The current menu is Pulled Pork Sandwiches, Black Beans & Rice, assorted cheeses, chocolate, cream puffs, veggie tray, chips, salsa. All are welcome! Admittedly, it would be quite a trip for a lot of you. ;-)

Sunday [ profile] iraunink hosts Ladies Sewing Circle.

Oh, and I need to get at least two, possibly four, load of laundry done. That'll probably happen Thursday and/or Friday.


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