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My darling [ profile] iraunink decided that the raised bed vegetable garden wasn't working out. So she paid her son (who got his state contractor's license this spring) to tear them out and replace them with a daylily garden. (If you click on the picture, you can see images from start to finish.)
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Currently seriously annoyed with Keller Fence Company. Asked The Home Depot about their 'get a fence installed service' about May 4th. Signed a contract with Keller on May 10th - the sales guy said they were currently scheduling about four weeks out, our installation should take a day. Check for full payment cleared May 27th - we tried to pay with our debit card, the processing company didn't like that. Hadn't heard anything from the scheduling people by about June 20th, called the sales guy. Heard from scheduling about June 24th, we were - at that point - scheduled for June 30th. This was, as I recall, subject to weather delays on jobs in front of us - it was delayed, to July 2nd. They finally showed up about 10am on the 2nd. Apparently due to the late start, they were able to get the posts in, but were unable to get the fence proper up. They told Irene they'd be back to finish the job yesterday, the 3rd.

They did not come back yesterday. They did not call yesterday.

At this point, I believe we are going to be without a fenced back yard for FIVE DAYS! Fence went down Wednesday, they're not working today, I will be very surprised if they work Saturday or Sunday, so the soonest we get a fence is sometime Monday.

We have a fenced back yard because we have dogs - one especially will chase after other dogs, cats, squirrels, birds or figments of her imagination. We really need the fence to keep her in. We also are watching a dog that needs a fence. So, we're having to take the dogs out on leash multiple times per day.


We've left voice-mail with Keller Fence, but that was apparently after they had closed for business on the 3rd. It will be ... interesting to hear what they have to say about this on Monday.
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We got the first two tomatoes of the season this morning - IIRC, they're a Siberian {something} that is technically a cherry tomato (~1" diameter). We have declared them delicious.
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We went to The Friend's School Plant Sale this morning. Up at 5am, out the door at 5:30, in line for a wrist-band about 6am, got our wrist bands at 7am (part of the first group!), off for breakfast, back to the sale for the actual opening at 9am.

We were the last people from group 1 into the sale - and, from what I could tell, the very first people out of the sale. I was amused.
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I took yesterday off, and took [ profile] iraunink to the Friend's School Plant Sale. I think this is the seventh year we've gone. Out of bed at 5:30, in line to pick up our wrist-bands about 6:30, got the wrist-bands shortly after 7:00, off to breakfast at Burger King, back for opening at 9:00 (they moved that up an hour - previous years it was 10:00). We were in the second group, we got in the door about 9:05 or 9:10, and were in our car driving away by 9:45. We got hosta, daylilies, tomatoes, various herbs, geraniums, ageratum, and a couple of coleus.

We ran a couple of errands on the way home, and then [ profile] iraunink went back to bed. I went off and got a surface cavity filled in the mid-afternoon. Other than that, it was a very low-key day.

Today, [ profile] iraunink is having a dead day. I have gamers showing up shortly, and that will keep me busy until dinnertime.

Other things to be done this weekend - four loads of laundry (load one is currently in the dryer, load two is in the washing machine), and some mailing list clean-up. Tomorrow should be a nice low-key day for me - [ profile] iraunink may plant some of yesterday's loot.
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Saturday we met mom in Hinckley at 1pm for lunch. On the way, we dropped off peonies at [info]iraunink's for sister Monica, and stopped at North Branch Outlets and bought a carry-on suitcase and a new kitchen timer - the old one finally died after a nasty fall about three years ago. On the way back, we stopped at a rental place, and rented a gasoline-powered augur / post-hole digger.

I used the augur to finis off digging the holes for the ginkgo and the forsythia we bought a couple of weeks ago. This went mostly OK - the augur did get caught on a big tree root and ran away on me. The spinning top caught me in the hands a couple of times, but did not appear to do any serious damage. I went to bed having taken ibuprofen, and slept for twelve hours.

This morning, I decided I was still in enough pain in my right hand that I was concerned, so I returned the augur, and then went off to Urgent Care. The doctor listened to my description, poked and prodded and had me move my hand, and had me x-rayed. The diagnosis was bad strain/sprain - ibuprofen, ice, and brace. Unfortunately, it seem I have left my brace at work. :(

I've also got what is going to be a very pretty bruise covering a generous third of the back of my left hand, a slight strain/sprain below my right shoulder, and a small scrape just below my right elbow.

On the positive side, the ginkgo is in the ground now!
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Today is the first day of the Friends School Plant Sale. [ profile] iraunink and I have been going to it for the past ... four years?

We got there very shortly after 7am and got in line. At 8am they started passing out wristbands - we were the last two in the first group of 50. Then we went off to the Keys Cafe on Raymond and had breakfast. They serve huge omelets - well, they server huge practically everything. In particular, a three egg omelet is a thin layer of egg wrapped around massive quantities of stuff (assorted veggies + hash browns, in my case) - it's just a bit longer than a dinner plate, and about two-thirds as wide. Irene had the two egg omelet, which actually was about two-thirds the size.

Then we went to the University of Minnesota Horticultural Club Plant Sale. It's much smaller. Got two six packs of annuals there.

Then it was back to the state fair grounds to wait for them to start letting people into the sale. We got out of the car about 10:40, and got in the corral for the first group to be let in. At 11am they opened the doors and let us in - we dashed around, got everything we were looking for, and were out by 11:30. Everything was 32 containers - two different daylilies (two of one kind, one of another), a flat of marigolds, three tomatoes, three hosta, four coralbells, four astilbe, one basil, one spearmint, one parsley.

And now we're home - [ profile] iraunink has gone back to sleep, I'm thinking of joining her.

Nothing goes outside / in the ground until at least tomorrow afternoon - the weather people are predicting an overnight low of 35 degrees F, and heavy slushy snow, enough to accumulate on grassy areas.

[ profile] kalmn - you can get your plants whenever you want - they're at our house. Give us a call. Current theory has someone home all day at least through Tuesday evening.
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26 hours with no Internet!

In theory, I got a DSL upgrade yesterday - from 256k symmetrical to 5mb down, 896k up. This meant a device upgrade - my old service was old enough that it was CAP, the upgrade required me to go to DMT. (This was not a surprise - I've known for some years that the next time they touched my service, I was going to need the new device.)

As near as I can tell, the service went down about 8am yesterday, and came back up about 9:45am today. It was supposed to be up by 5pm yesterday. When the device still wasn't training at 5:10pm, I call Qwest. After about 30 minutes of hold / talk / hold / talk, the word was yes, they screwed up, they were trying to get it fixed, but it was late enough that they might not be able to get it fixed until today. Shortly after 7pm, the tech I'd been talking to left me voice-mail (during the five minutes I was out walking the dogs!) saying that they thought they'd be able to get it training in the next hour or so.

They didn't.

I got up about 6am - still not training. Check at 7:15, nope. Off to the Friends School Plant Sale with [ profile] iraunink - we run into [ profile] chirosinger, [ profile] chasophonic & [ profile] bonz_lizard, pick up wristbands at 8am, then the five of us run off to Keys on Raymond for breakfast and conversation. Back to the plant sale to be allowed to actually buy stuff starting at 11am - [ profile] iraunink & I were part of the fourth group of about 25 let in, the other three were in the group after us. We got our plants and were back on the road by 11:30, home about 12:00, walk the dogs, check the DSL - it's up!

And the DSL seems to be nicely faster.

I'm off to work in about 30 minutes - I'm working overtime from 2:00-7:30pm.
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I got up at 5:45 this morning - this is my Saturday, I don't get up only 45 minutes later than work mornings on my weekends! But today was special circumstances - got up, showered, woke [ profile] iraunink, she showered, we dressed and headed off to the MN State Fair Grandstand. Got there about 7:50, waited around about 10 minutes, and got our paper (Tyvek?) bracelets for the Friends School Plant Sale. We got there early enough to get bracelets for the very first group that they would let in the door - at 11AM.

So, it was off to the original Keys Cafe for breakfast. After that, off to Menard's for some window shopping, and finally back to the State Fair Grounds at 10:30. Get in the door at 11:00, out about 11:30 (saying hi to Mrs. [ profile] fredcritter on the way out), back to Menard's for some annuals that were a significantly better deal than the plant sale, and finally home.

Now it's time for a break, then lunch, then I'm off to work 3-6 this afternoon, then home, dinner, maybe build some raised vegetable bed frames, and then bed. It's going to have been a long day!


Apr. 30th, 2008 01:57 pm
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(mostly of interest to Mpls/St. Paul locals)

Anyone want flax or mallow for their garden? [ profile] iraunink says we've got lots!

Also, if anyone wants flax stalks from last year, we've probably still got a bunch of that available.
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At 6:19 this morning, the lovely [ profile] iraunink poked me in the ribs and asked 'what time does the computer store open?' I told her '9:30, I'm going back to sleep until 8'. I got up at 8, and we went off to breakfast at Curran's. After that, we dropped her laptop off at Que Computers (it needed a new fan), and then headed over to the Friends School Plant Sale. (That was what she was really excited about for the day.) She got a bunch of veggies for her square-foot gardening - we'll be building a 12'x4' raised bed sometime in the near future.

We came home, dropped off plants, and headed off for more shopping - Target, for men's wear, looking at glassware, looking for over-the-glasses sunglasses, some other stuff. We went in with a list, and walked out with fewer things than were on the list! After that, we went to Cost Plus World Market for new glassware, then Menards for lumber. On our way home with the lumber, the phone rang - her laptop was fixed. We got home, got the lumber out of the car, and then I went off to get her laptop. I stopped at the grocery store on the way home for sandwich bread, and added focacia and summer sausage for dinner. Dinner ended up being acorn squash, corn-on-the-cob, and the focacia & summer sausage.

We watched some Tivo, I told my lovely wife about [ profile] onyxhawke's Masochism Monday, and we're headed to bed shortly. It's been a long day.
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If you were going to grow three to six different herbs inside, what would you grow?

We're thinking about getting either a group of small (~1 cup) pots, or one of those bigger pots with the holes that stick out the side, and growing some herbs that way. Outside near the door in the late spring through early fall, and inside in the winter (probably against the north window in the kitchen).

ETA: [ profile] laurel asked 'What herbs do you use?'

Garlic chives is the only thing we grow that I use.

I use some rosemary, some of thyme, a fair bit of savory - I forget what else. Part of the objective here is to try to grow some stuff that I can use, and try to use it.
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We now have a very empty looking back yard.

The tree removal people were here today, and the big box elder is now gone. As is most of the big lilac bush - including the branches that were on the neighbor's phone lines!

The back yard looks very empty.

I'll try to get pictures up sometime - Irene took "lots" of pictures of the process.


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