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Courtesy of [ profile] patgund - see

IIRC, [ profile] kaustin, [ profile] laurel, and someone on my flist from MI?, all expressed interest in Tiki stuff upon occasion.
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The last of the kitchen remodeling pictures are up!
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We (finally) got the walls primed today. IIRC, next in line is prep the ceiling - scrape, wash, and prime. Then we'll finally get to paint!

I'll try to get pictures up sometime this week - I haven't taken any recently.
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For anyone who's going to RenFest this weekend, and is willing to keep their eyes open - we're in search of some lazy susan's to go in one of our new cabinets. 18-20" diameter, a small raised lip around the outside, one level, wood. If you see such a thing at RenFest, would you take notes ($, vendor, etc.) and let us know?
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The Sears installers actually finished up about 8PM Saturday night. We're very happy!

Pictures are at, at some time I'll make a link on that page back to
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Got up at an awful hour this morning, showered and dressed before the Sears guys were here. And then they were late, so I could have slept in another hour at least, almost two.

We got the fan/hood for over the range cleaned off before the Sears guys need to put it back up- it really needs to be replaced. Ah, well - not right now.

We're off to [ profile] kosmickitten & [ profile] bernesemntdog's Engagement Party in about 40 minutes - as parents of the bride, we're paying. Late lunch at Red Lobster for the happy couple, us, his father, her biological father, and her maternal grand-parents. It was the only way we could keep the party from growing past all reasonable limits.

After that, home to see how the kitchen looks - we figure that'll be 2:30-3:30, if it's not done we'll stick around until it is. Take some pictures, get them up on the web real quick, then off to the Minn-StF Meeting at [ profile] cakmpls's.

Tomorrow will be print Einblatt, Ladies Sewing Circle for Irene, some kitchen work - Jake is coming over to get the range put back - and laundry.
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The Sears guys aren't quite done - they'll be back tomorrow morning to finish up.
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Pictures from this week!

Sears is still working - they're supposed to finish up today. I'm going to try to get the 'finished cabinets and counters' pictures up this evening - they'll be added to the URL above.

The general overview page is at
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I just got a call from Irene - the floor is sanded, and the seal coat is on it. Most of the sanding got done yesterday - he had to finish up around the edges today, and maybe do a final finishing pass?

Pictures (about 3MB) so far are available at - I'll take some more pictures tonight and get them up sometime.
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We discovered that we had what looked like a nice hardwood floor under our 70's-era vinyl tile. The professional refinisher came by today and gave us an estimate (thanks [ profile] lsanderson & [ profile] mizzlaurajean!) - the end result is he starts refinishing the floor on Monday!

It's a nice 1+" wide, ~3/4" thick, tongue & groove maple hardwood floor. There was this wonderful 70's era linoleum tile and wallpaper. The wallpaper is gone, the tile goes this weekend. He'll sand the last of the adhesive up (it's mostly coming up with the tile, there's a very thin film left), and then seal the floor. Over that goes two coats of water-based polyurethane. I'll try to remember to take pictures while it's in process next week.

This means that this weekend we have to take the refrigerator and range out of the kitchen. We're going to move them into the dining room. The gas range we'll just disconnect and live without. The refrigerator we'll plug in in the dining room. And we'll find someplace in the living room or dining room to plug in the microwave. And that's what we'll use for a kitchen for two weeks.

Fortunately, he says I'll be able to walk across the kitchen floor in my stocking feet each morning - that's nice, it means I'll be able to take a shower! We will have to keep the dogs out of the kitchen completely next week. That will be exciting.
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A couple of questions:

First, for anyone on my FL - anyone have experience taking up old linoleum/vinyl floor tile? We've got 12" square tile that's so old that the surface is worn off. We want to take it off the kitchen floor. I don't know where to start - hints, suggestions or pointers?

Second, for anyone with experience in the Mpls/St Paul, MN, area - talking to my dad just now, he suspects that the floor underneath the tile referenced above is the original oak floor. If that is true, we're considering re-finishing it instead of putting down new seamless linoleum. Anyone have any recommendations for hardwood floor refinishers?

The theory is that we're going to get up three or four of the existing tiles, and then clean off / sand down to the bare wood to see what's there. Then decide which way we're going to jump. Regardless, we're assuming we'll have to put some kind of tile / linoleum in the back entry / pantry - that's a remodel where they took the pre-existing porch and turned it into a three-quarter bath / small entry / pantry area, and we know the floor in the bathroom is not hardwood!
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We heard from the installers today - our new cabinets and counters will be installed the week of 22 August.
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Have I mentioned that we're getting new kitchen cabinets and counters? Well, the cabinets are Sears - a mixture of semi-custom and refinished. As long as we're doing that, we're also going to put down new seamless linoleum flooring and paint the walls.

Today, with the help of [ profile] bernesemntdog and Don (WINOLJ), we tore off the old wallpaper. Due to a combination of good prep-work on the part of the original paperers and age, it came off easily and in big sheets. Now we'll have to do some sanding, and maybe some surface fill-in work, and we'll be able to paint. But we aren't doing that until after the the cabinets and counters are in.

We should be getting a call this week or next week to schedule cabinets and counters installation. It should take three or four days, they like to start on Mondays.

My father is going to help us put in the flooring - he's going to be the smarts, and we're going to be the strong backs and weak minds. That should be happening before the end of the month.

I'll see about having some pictures along the way.


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