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I just got an e-mail from "" <> - part of it says:

Don't Worry: We're Not Robots, and We Don't Want to Spam You.

We notice you haven't opened the newsletter in a while, and that's okay: we know you're busy. That's why we create our newsletter from scratch each week, to highlight the articles we think you'll love and round up some of our top stories.

I sent them the following reply:

You have officially been creepy.

I read this newsletter every time it shows up in my Inbox. I read it in mutt, a text-only e-mail client, I never open the links from the e-mail, no images or other links that might be followed if it were opened in an HTML capable e-mail client are ever followed. If I've missed something, I go find it manually in my browser.

So, no, you're never going to see that I have opened this e-mail newsletter.

New Toys!

Mar. 7th, 2011 01:19 am
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I got some "shiny!" money - a colleague at work agented getting rid of my old Magic cards, for which I got ~$750.

So, I bought a Kindle. And an iPod Classic 160GB - turns out there are no alternatives right now. I'd have to wait, at a guess, a year, to get something else that would meet my requirements. That would be a RAM-based MP3 player that takes an SDXC expansion card - no one has announced any yet, so that year is really on the minimum side as I see it.

I still need to get cases for both - I'll probably be ordering them from on-line somewhere. And they both need to be loaded with my existing data. My current temptation for the Kindle is this one, which seems to be the one that Amazon pushes. Something like this leather case is tempting for the iPod. I'm trying to decide if a belt-clip is needed for the iPod.

What's your favorite Kindle or iPod case, and why?

I've got one other piece of tech slated to buy - an easy to move around flat-panel monitor. After that - books, and maybe some Cd's.
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My current bag is an MPR Messenger bag. It's got a padded back and an interior pocket that's a nice size for a Dell Latitude D4xx, probably OK for a D6xx.

I have my doubts about just putting an ASUS EEE in it.

Anyone care to recommend a sleeve, or another bag, or something? I'm still trying to figure out exactly what I need to be carrying with me at any given time - the minimum is obviously more than I can comfortably fit in pockets, but I'm still trying to figure out exactly what that minimum is. The 'stuff I want to take to work' is bigger than the 'stuff I want to carry around all the time' - but I'm not certain what the margin is. I really need to dump everything out of the messenger bag and figure out what my realistic minimum is.

Off the top of my head, minimum is going to include cellphone, Nokia N810, meds, Levenger International pocket briefcase, writing utensils, ASUS EEE and accessories, Casio Exilim camera, and a variety of USB / SD / miniSD / microSD memory devices. Room for a hard-cover book would be nice.

Oh, and something to organize and protect all the memory cards would be nice, too!
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But nothing awful - this is all computer related stuff.

For the Twin Cities locals, the bad news is we're not happy with Que Computers )
The good news is Newegg is shipping us an ASUS EEE 1001 - 1GB/160GB, and an 80MB Western Digital drive.


I just checked - looks like they're shipping as two boxes, economy shipping from Memphis, TN, turned over the the shipper late today. No ETA yet, I'm guessing Wed-Fri.
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[ profile] iraunink's laptop (an IBM Thinkpad) died the other day. It looked like it was starting Windows, then went black, and nothing happened. When I tried to boot it in Safe Mode, it got to the fourth or fifth line, and died. :-(

I ended up finding a package that would test the hard-drive, and it found some very dead clusters. Marked bad, now I'm doing a Windows reinstall. It's currently pulling down WinXP Service Pack 2 - or trying to. I anticipate that getting Service Packs will be a big part of what I'm spending time on tomorrow.

At some point in the near future, we should get a new hard-drive for it. Anyone have a 2.5" PATA drive they don't need any more? Anything less than 100GB should be good.
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I think there's at least one person on my friends list that this describes that isn't on [ profile] netmouse's - they want 20-something females who use the internet socially and also like to go out on the town. See [ profile] netmouse's entry here.


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