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The plane landed about 9pm local time last night. Which made yesterday a something-over-12-hour workday. [ profile] iraunink and I went out to dinner at Red Lobster after she picked me up.

Today and tomorrow I have to do all the laundry. OK, not all the laundry - I don't have to do sheets. I really should do towels. And I do have to do everything else.

I anticipate a mostly quiet weekend at home, barring the universe screwing that up.
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The flight in was fine. I'm going to have to learn to try take somewhat earlier flights when going west - landing at 10pm my time is a bit much.

Monday night I got together with [ profile] alicebentley, we each had the chirashi at Fuji Sushi.

Last night I got done at work promptly at 5pm, so I walked down to Pike's Place Market. Most of the stalls were still open, but obviously in the process of closing up. I can see how it could be a madhouse in the morning, especially on weekends. I also investigated the under shops - it's an interesting collection. Then I came back, and had dinner at Thai Taste across from the hotel. Three appetizers - Chicken Satay, Thai Fish Cakes, and a sampler of two Crab Rangoon, three pot-stickers, and three spring rolls (the thin fried kind, not the thick mostly raw kind).

Tonight I'm getting together with Jordin and [ profile] marykaykare - I'm going to put myself at their mercy for dinner.

Now I have to be at work by 7am for conference call, and then training from 8-12.
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Yesterday was travel - Minneapolis to Salt Lake City to Calgary

The plane took off late from Minneapolis - first because they needed extra time to get the cabin cooled down, and then because the pusher cart broke down because of the heat. My 55 minute layover in Salt Lake City was thus turned into about a 20 minute layover - which I spent speeding from the end of concourse C (where my plane landed) to the end of concourse B (where my next plane was already boarding). I was the last person to get on the plane, we pulled away from the gate about five minutes later.

There were three problems with this - first, I had to get through the airport way faster than I'd planned, second, I would have liked to have had a bathroom break, and third - and most important! - I'd planned on a quick supper. Oops. I had to make do with the snacks available on flight. Ah, well - I survived, and had dinner after I landed.

I'm in Calgary on business, my hotel is about six blocks from the company I'm visiting, it's 59F out right now, headed for a high of 68F. 70F for the high tomorrow. This is a lot better than the 100F predicted for today and tomorrow for Minneapolis!

[ profile] iraunink is home with our dogs and two visiting dogs. I suspect she - and they! - are going to be very happy to see me Friday night. I have a direct flight home, taking off about 2:30pm MDT and landing about 6pm CDT.

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Jun. 29th, 2012 07:15 pm
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48-72 hours of nasty hacking cough - ODing on cough syrup to sleep. I think I'm getting better, I have a doctor's appointment for Monday, just in case.

I have a passport!

And I will be flying to Calgary, AB, next Tuesday, and flying back on Friday. [ profile] iraunink will have to watch four dogs by herself while I'm gone.
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Work is sending me to Calgary, AB, next week. Current theory is I fly out Tuesday the 3rd, and fly back Friday the 6th.

Anyone live in that neck of the woods that would be interested in dinner?


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