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I leave for work about my usual time - for those who know the area, I get on 35W northbound and take it to 94 westbound. I'm a tenth of a mile or so short of the bridge that takes me from one to the other, and I notice that I'm not getting much power to my wheels. I put the car in neutral, it revs fine, I put it back in drive, it's working fine.

As I'm going over the bridge, it starts giving no power after every time I take my foot all the way off the gas. Neutral / drive - it's good. Until I get to the base of the bridge - and then it's bad. Neutral to drive - and no more power. I hit the four-way flashers. I've got just enough momentum / power to get all the way over to the right side, and about half-way onto the shoulder. I turn the car off, and call my garage. They tell me to call the towing service they work with. I do so. When the tow-truck shows up, I roll down the windows. And as I'm doing so, the radio starts flashing off and on. When I go to roll the windows up, they don't. BTW, they're power windows.

Off to the garage. I explain to them what happened, and they give me a loaner car. I drive home, and work from home today. An hour or so after I get home, they call - they alternator and the battery are both dead. I say 'replace them'.

I get to go pick up the car about 4pm. It cost something over $700.

I drive a 2006 Nissan Sentra. Does anyone know enough about the drive train to explain why lack of electricity translates to lack of power to the wheels?

Date: 2016-11-15 02:59 am (UTC)
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One possibility would be that it has some sort of traction control system that wasn't getting enough power, and it was cutting power to the wheels? Just a guess.

And when you were shifting to neutral and back you were possibly able to rev up high enough to get a few more minutes out of the alternator before it died again.


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