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Next year, if the ground is not clear and dry on Christmas Day, I'm making [ profile] iraunink take the dogs out.

I took the dogs out Christmas morning - and slipped on the ice on the front stairs. Three small abrasions on my right hand, a bruise about the length of my hand and half the width about half-way down my rib cage on the right side, and an abrasion about the size of my palm on the outside of my right thigh, inside a bruise the size of my hand. The bruise on the ribs hurts when I press on it, when I draw a deep breath, when I cough or sneeze or blow my nose. The abrasion on my thigh hurts when it gets pressed on.

I went to see my doctor this afternoon - he said that there's no sign of any serious damage to the ribs there. So, I'm looking at weeks of healing there - it won't be fully healed until at least mid-February. He says the damage on my thigh should be better in a couple-three weeks.

He gave me a prescription for hydrocodone-acetaminophen.

Date: 2016-12-27 11:11 pm (UTC)
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Much empathy. I fell out of the back of my van one month into a four month cross-country trip last summer and cracked (and dislocated) a rib. I fell in Missouri and wasn't 100% again until after I left Washington DC well over a month later. So they do mean that about how long it will take.

Take care of yourself!


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